5 Not Over-The-Top Gift Ideas For Your Internship Supervisor

Gifts Worth The Splurge


Even if your internship mainly consisted of coffee runs to Starbucks, it’s never a bad idea to woo your internship supervisor. Whether it’s the holidays or you’re getting ready to part ways with your resume builder, an appropriate gift will show your appreciation for getting an opportunity that so many  other college students would kill for.

Trying to come up with a present idea on an intern’s budget? Check out our list that will make you memorable and leaving on a good note.

1. Baked Goods

No one at the office will care if those cupcakes are homemade or bought from the grocery store on the way to work. Saying “Thank you” with some delicious treats will definitely end your internship on a (sugar) high.

Keep in Mind: Maybe not the best idea if your boss has a strict diet before her upcoming vacation or has a bunch of dietary restrictions.

2. Personalized Notepad

You know how busy your internship supervisor is, including advising you. So make their life a little easier by getting them a pad where they can collect their thoughts. Something that reads “A Note from *Their Name*” is both thoughtful and unique.

Keep in Mind: Don’t spell their name wrong.

3. Candle

Everyone loves a candle — they smell good, they’re not too expensive, and they’re a great go-to gift.

Keep in Mind: Stick to a scent that isn’t too over-the-top or particular. Something floral or fruity and not too strong is a safe bet.

4. Flowers

Come on — have you ever given someone flowers and not seen a big smile come across their face? They’ll have the gift to remember you and decorate their desk for days to come — and they’ll get to brag about their star intern whenever someone inquires about the gift.

Keep in Mind: Flowers can get expensive, but keep it under $25 or the gift can come across as too much. If you know your boss’ favorite color, go with a bouquet that features that!

5. Handwritten Note

Thank your internship supervisor by telling them everything you’ve learned and thanking them for sharing their expertise. These words are a huge gift that cost next to nothing.

Keep in Mind: Speak from the heart and avoid cliches.

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