Kim Kardashian Finally Gave Chicago West A Middle Name

Die-hard Kardashian fans know that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West don’t give their kids middle names. But with their new baby Chicago West, they broke their cardinal baby naming rule and gave Chicago a middle name.

Kim posted an adorable selfie of Chicago on her Instagram with the caption “Chi Noel” with heart emojis in between, officially announcing Chicago’s middle name. Noel is the perfect middle name for Chicago because it has family ties.

Noel is also Kim’s middle name and she decided to pass it down to her youngest child.

It’s unknown when exactly the West’s gave Chicago a middle name. In January 2018 Chicago’s birth certificate was revealed and she didn’t have a middle name after birth.

What convinced the West’s to give Chicago a middle name and not their other two children, North and Saint, is unknown. In fact, the couple has never indulged why they were against middle names.

Kim and Kanye both have middle names, Kanye’s is Omari, so it’s not like a family tradition.

But Chicago is an outlier in the West household. Before she was born, Kim said that she wanted to keep to the tradition of giving her child a one-syllable name. On The Ellen Show, she said, “short, easy to spell, one syllable [names] are kind of my vibe.”

Chicago is not a short, easy to spell and one syllable name. The multi-syllables did not go unnoticed by Kim. After Chicago’s birth, she went back on Ellen and Ellen DeGeneres asked about the break in tradition. “It kind of messes with me, I’m not going to lie,” Kim said about Chicago’s longer name. “I really like the one syllable thing.”

But don’t worry they call her Chi to somewhat stick with the one syllable tradition.

So technically Chicago Noel actually broke two West traditions, she has a three syllable name and a middle name. Her new baby cousin True Thompson has yet to be given a middle name and Khloe Kardashian is up in the air deciding if she should give her one. Maybe Kim’s move will convince Khloe to give True a middle name.

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