This Makeup Artist Turned Her Lipsticks Into Works Of Art

Australian makeup artist and beauty influencer Theresa Nakhoul is changing the game for artists and beauty gurus around the globe and she’s doing it with a tiny tube of lipstick. The beauty Youtuber has gained more than 31,000 followers on Instagram after posting countless inspiring and eye-catching makeup looks that will have you doing double takes.

Well now, the painter, artist and makeup maven is branching out and taking her artistic talents elsewhere and this time she is using her MAC lipsticks to do so. Nakhoul is now mastering her skills as a sculptor and has been using tubes of her MAC lipstick to create breathtaking sculptures of things like a Louboutin heel, a Ferrari, a six-pack covered torso and even a jack-o-lantern.

Despite her obvious artistic talent, not everyone is feeling Nakhoul’s creations especially lipstick lovers.

After posting photos of her finished masterpieces and creations on her Instagram, several fans criticized Nakhouli for wasting her makeup and product for the sake of her art. With MAC lipsticks ranging anywhere between $10 to $18.50, fans gasped in horror and questioned why Nakhouli would create sculptures using the lipstick and make them pretty much unwearable.

After people flooded her comments with questions and concerns, the Australian artist let them know that she depots the sculptures so she can keep using the lipsticks afterward and doesn’t take any of the backlash in stride. In fact, in her bio, the Australian poked fun at herself and wrote, “Allegedly wasting makeup.”

Despite the controversy over her latest works of art, there is no denying the depth of talent Nakhoul has and we’d trust her to give us a good beat anytime!

Take a look at some of her sculptures and other creations and let us know which one of her masterpieces is your favorite!

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