The Ultimate Tinder Addict: Alita Brydon

Four years and over 1400 hours spent on Tinder but still no Mr. Right. That’s right Melbourne Australia native, Alita Brydon spent the last four years swiping left and right through thousands of profiles on Tinder in search of her perfect man.

The Breakdown

So how much time did Alita really spend on Tinder? With only 24 hours in a day and 1,460 days in four years, she spent a total of over 58 days on the app throughout her profile’s existence. She told “Sunshine Coast Daily” an Australian newspaper, “I would spend at least an hour every day on the hunt for love.” “I would just flick through thousands of men and make a split second judgment on whether someone would make a good husband,” she added, “based on a blurry car selfie or fishing holiday photo.” She even went as far as making games like “Suit Store Bingo,” to help make her search for love more fun.

Tinder Gold

Tinder is a free app to those who download it. You can swipe, like, dislike and super like anyone you choose. Tinder introduced the option of a new membership in 2017, called Tinder Gold, which was an upgrade from their previous Tinder Plus option. This gave users the option to rewind past swipes, browse matches outside your range, be ad-free and be able to see who had liked you before you decided which way to swipe.

As soon as this option was introduced to the app, Alita was running to her wallet as fast as she would swipe left to her not-so Mr. Right. “What if a match with Mr. Right is only $3 away?” she said. “It’s like having a pokie machine in your phone, just one more hit and you might win the romantic jackpot.”  Despite her efforts to find her man, Alita began to lose hope in the app after all her hard work.

Egg Head

After getting discouraged from years of restless days searching for the right guy, Alita decided to take what some might call a “different” approach. Earlier this year she revealed that she had received over 500 matches in one hour.

What made this drastic change? She got rid of her traditional selfies and changed her profile picture to a carton of eggs with her face on it. In her bio, she wrote “Let’s see how many men will swipe right on an egg with a woman’s face in 24 hours. Get crackin fellas.”  She even changed her Spotify Anthem to “How To Boil An Egg” by Courtney Barnett. After receiving an overwhelming amount of matches, her account was deleted the next day due to her not perceiving herself as an actual woman, and she went back to her normal profile.

Your Account Has Been Deleted

After four years of hard work and determination, Alita finally decided she had enough with dating apps and swiping her fingers across her iPhone. The Tinder addict deleted her account at the beginning of May 2018. “All the excitement had been sucked out dating,” she said. “And in a moment of frustration, I deleted Tinder.”

Even though she has yet to go on a date since she deleted the app, Alita is happy living the single life. She is using her newfound free time to get fit, learning how to cook and binge-watching Gilmore Girls.  But if you thought this single lady is completely out of the hunt for Mr. Right, you thought wrong.

“There’s a funny, sweet man with a love for chicken nuggets out there for me somewhere. Just probably not at the Tiger Temple.”

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