The 10 Useful Gifts Every College Grad Needs

After finals are over, commencement speeches have sunk in, and you’ve moved out of your college abode it’s time to start getting out into the real world, but not before you have your graduation party. This day is all about you, family comes into town and presents come along with. Here are the top 10 gifts every college grad needs to enter the real world.

Echo Dot

Hey Alexa! The Echo Dot will become your new best friend, literally. You can do almost anything with this device just by asking it questions like adding food to your shopping list, seeing what the weather is like before leaving for work, and even play music when you have your new colleagues at work over. The Echo Dot is super small and compact, and you can virtually put it anywhere no matter how small your starting off apartment is. Check it out on Amazon here.

Apple Watch

The Apple watch is different than just an ordinary watch because it links with your iPhone to receive calls, texts, and notifications without having to check your phone. It also offers a wide variety of apps for fitness, sleeping and more. You can also customize the band of this watch to fit your mood so whether you’re¬†looking classy at work or hitting up your apartment’s gym your watch will fit your style. The Apple watch also has many different versions to cater to different needs, check it out here to see which one works best for you.

Don’t have an iPhone no worries, Fitbits are super similar and are compatible with both iPhones and Androids. Check them out here.

Fix-It Kit

Even though this gift might not be too exciting when you get it, it sure will come in handy when your kitchen sink stops working or your hand-me-down kitchen table has a loose leg. The Fix-it Kit is compact enough to fit in a kitchen cabinet but has all the tools you need to keep your place together. The kit also comes with two color options, for those handymen out there go with the black, and for you girly girls there is a pink option as well. Check out the kit here, and thank your gift giver later.

IKEA Gift Card

IKEA stores are located all over the country, so the odds you’re moving relatively close to one are pretty big. IKEA has everything you need to get your apartment started, not to mention their unbeatable low prices. They have everything from beds and dressers to kitchenware and bedding, and the best part about getting a gift card? You will be able to pick out everything on your own so you know you’ll love it.

Not near an IKEA, not to worry IKEA has a great website to shop online and have everything shipped to you. You can even buy the gift card online here.

Instant Pot

You say new to cooking, Instant Pot says no problem. This crockpot will have you making Gordan Ramsey meals in no time, or at least pretty close. The Instant Pot gives you endless options on cooking things like stews, ribs, vegetables and even a whole chicken. The best part is you can leave your pot on low while you’re at work and when you come home viola! you have yourself a delicious meal. Check out the Instant Pot here, and see what new creations you can whip up.

Knife Set

This next gift might seem a little out of the ordinary, but it comes in handy. A good knife set is something that is practical but also aesthetically pleasing to place in your new kitchen. It will make you look like you know what you’re doing, even if you never use them. Knife sets can range anywhere from $20 to over $400, but here is one on the cheaper side, but still will do the job just fine.


So you get your Instant Pot and your knife set, but you haven’t cooked a day in your life, besides microwave popcorn and ramen noodles of course. Cookbooks are cheap, and there are thousands of options to choose from. Want one that teaches you how to make quick and healthy meals, or how about one that teaches you how to cook food from all around the world, there are so many options. Or say you really love mom’s home cooked meals, if you’re lucky maybe she’ll make her own cookbook to pass down to you.

Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones

This next gift, while not a necessity, is still useful. It is also on the more expensive side of these gifts, but they sure do look nice. Bose is known for their amazing speakers and headphones, and the “Quiet Comfort” headphones are no joke. The noise canceling feature is cool enough when you’re walking through the city, but they also offer the ability to receive texts and play different music without having to use your phone. If you’re in the market for some new headphones check out these¬†here.


For those early mornings after late nights spent at the office, your new Keurig will become the most used appliance in your kitchen. Keurigs work just as simple as popping in your favorite K-cup flavor, pressing the size of your coffee and watching it brew all in under just a few minutes. There are five different options of Keurigs to choose from to fit your coffee needs. Check them out here to save you from tired mornings.

Amazon Gift card

Last but not least, if you really don’t know what you want just ask for an Amazon gift card. Amazon has an infinite amount of options to choose from when you just don’t know what you want. You’d rather ask for something you can buy later than receive a gift you don’t want and have to fake a smile so your sweet aunt won’t get upset. Buy an Amazon gift card at your local grocery stores or online here.

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