Get The Most Out Of Your Workout With These 5 Podcasts That Will Make You Bust A Sweat

Sure a good playlist is great to get your adrenaline going during a workout. But now podcasts are becoming more and more popular, listening to one of your favs gab, while you work your muscles, is an equally great motivator as a playlist.

The podcast world is expanding rapidly and if you’re looking for something new to listen to you can find a podcast on pretty much anything. These five podcasts will have you busting a move and full of energy to get through your workout with ease. Take a look at the five best podcasts to play while you work out.

1. For The Beauty Enthusiasts: Fat Mascara

Beauty and makeup lovers will love this podcast hosted by beauty experts and friends, Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein. With both ladies securing day jobs as beauty editors, the two gurus share their expertise as they are plugged into the industry’s latest news, products and trends. The two don’t hold anything back and dig deep into the depths of the beauty community sharing their beauty adventures, interviewing celebrities and even open up the floor for questions, giving advice on any and all aspects of the beauty world. Beauty lovers will love getting their weekly fix on all things beauty from this podcast.

2. For Those Looking For A Good Laugh: Put Your Hands Together

If you’re looking for a good laugh while you workout, this podcast is perfect for you.┬áComedians Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher bring you fresh sets and backstage interviews from all of your favorite comedians. The best part about this podcast is that unlike most podcasts, which are done privately in a studio, Put Your Hands Together is taped in front of a live UCB audience making the claps and laughs authentic.

3. For The Boss Ladies: The Goal Digger Podcast

Ladies looking to stay motivated and are about their business will love this podcast hosted by entrepreneur, businesswoman, and all-around bada** Jenna Kutcher. Each week Kutcher brings you the latest in all things business, sharing tips, tricks and advice on what she’s learned over the years. Kutcher also brings in guests and business people who share their stories of success and how they achieved their goals and became a self-proclaimed “goal digger.”

4. For The Music & Film Lovers: Talkhouse

Music and film lovers who are looking to listen in on some good conversation with artists in the entertainment world will love this podcast. The fascinating discussions will keep you totally tuned in for the two-hour show and will have you in a zone perfect for getting your workout done.

5. For The Foodies: The Food Heaven Podcast

Alright, we know listening to two gals gab about food while you’re busy sweating up a storm to work off those buttery croissants you had this morning is kinda counter-productive but hear us out. Once you start listening to Wendy and Jess (registered dietitians with master’s degrees in nutrition) give their healthy food and diet tidbits in their podcast Food Heaven, you’ll be making a mad dash to your local grocery store after.

During Food Heaven the ladies chat about making delicious, nutritious food easy and accessible to and for everyone. They touch on all aspects of health and self-care, from fat-shaming to easy meals you can prepare at home.

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