In Honor Of Malia Obama’s Birthday, Here Are 5 Times She Proved She Was Just Like Us

Malia Obama practically grew up in the White House. When her father and former President Barack Obama served eight years as the country’s leader, Malia went into the White House as a pre-teen at just 11 years old and left a young lady on her way to college.

Growing up in the White House isn’t easy and we can only imagine the amount of scrutiny Malia was under during those years. After eight years of her every move being closely watched and talked about, Malia, born on July 4,1998, finally got her first real taste of freedom when the Obamas left the White House in 2017. Following their departure, fans and followers quickly realized that aside from being Barack and Michelle Obama’s daughter, she was just like us–a regular, degular, shmegular college student exploring and living life.

In honor of Malia’s 20th birthday. Here are fiive times Malia proved that she was just like us.

1. She Likes To Party

Malia may have been in the White House under constant watch and supervision, but since leaving her former home in D.C. Malia’s been photographed numerous times living her best life and surfing the party circuit. In the past, Malia made headlines for doing what most teens who head off to college do–parting, smoking and drinking. There’s nothing wrong with a little partying and in Malia’s case, it sees to be how the 20-year-old likes to unwind.

2. She’s In Love

We can only imagine, going home to meet Malia’s parents and having to meet the former leader of the free world and her dad Barack Obama. Well in the case of Brit Rory Farquharson, Malia’s current boyfriend, meeting her father doesn’t look like it was that much of an issue.

Back in late 2017, reports started swirling that Malia had begun dating wealthy Brit and fellow Harvard student Farquaharson after photos surfaced of the two making out at a college party. The pair has since been spotted sporadically around town although neither Malia or Farquharson nor their families have yet to comment on the couple’s status.

3. She Can Be A Total Fangirl Like The Rest Of Us

Following the release of this photo, Malia let the world know that not only is she just as much as fangirl like the rest of us, but she is also an excellent wing woman. Back in 2016, photogs snapped a photo of Malia giving younger sister Sasha the thumbs up as Sasha was seen chatting it up with hottie movie star Ryan Reynolds.

4. She’s Busting Her A** In School

One thing Malia is proving is that, when it comes to her education and future career, she is willing to work as hard as possible and not take any handouts along the way. Looking to work in the entertainment and film world, the college junior scored a coveted internship with the disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein where she worked as an assistant.

Malia’s tenacity and refusal to receive handouts worked for her benefit and landed her second internship working on the HBO show Girls prior to the series’ end.

5. She Loves Her Parents & Family More Than Anything

One thing that goes without question is that when it comes to Malia, her family is everything to her. Over the years photogs have snapped Malia spending QT with her sister Sasha and her parents and you can tell that Malia values the relationships she has with her family.

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