Where Did Astrology Even Come From?

Astrology has really made its mark on the minds of society. We talk about our horoscopes with friends, read about our signs in the back of magazines, and some of us may even determine our first impressions of someone based on their sign ( although you should perhaps not do this). But where did it all come from? What made it so important and who decided that constellations could determine the hidden aspects of our complex personalities? Here we look at the origins of astrology and how that evolved into the zodiac signs that we read on the Snapchat news feeds today.

It all started with the Babylonians and then the Greeks…

The Babylonians used astrology in that they connected the stars in the sky with seasons (so no love compatibility horoscopes I’m guessing). They used the stars to determine harvest as well as when the seasons would change. In the 4th century B.C., astrology was introduced to the Greeks. The Greeks are responsible for why we call it astrology being that astrology is derived from the Greek word asteri meaning star. Astrology was soon considered to be a science and was mostly used for agricultural purposes like predicting the harvest among the Greek society as well. As the Greeks domain spread so did astrology. It became an essential part of life whether someone was looking at the constellations to talk to the gods or using it to improve their way of life and look at constellations as a guide for how to make choices.

The emphasis on “Zodiac Signs”

What we know as Zodiac signs were derived from ancient Egypt and then introduced to the Babylonians. There are 12 signs because it takes 12 lunar cycles for the sun to rotate until it comes back to its original position. 12-star constellations were associated with the seasons and were then assigned names. The signs were then divided into four groups. The traits associated with each zodiac sign are the traits that are associated with the ruling planets of each sign. Being that planets are often used in polytheistic religions to be associated with gods when associating a planet with a zodiac sign, the planet is mimicking the traits of whatever god it usually personifies. For example, the ruling planet for Aries is Mars. Mars was often associated with a god of fiery energy and leadership as well as ferocity and stamina. In the Greek polytheistic religion the God associated with Mars was literally called “Aries”, the fact that the zodiac sign Aries holds this name and is associated with Mars further plays into the reasoning behind the personality traits assigned to each zodiac sign.

If you aren’t Greek or Babylonian and you have no idea about astrology or your zodiac sign or why you even clicked on this article in the first place, then take a chance to enrich your (alleged) knowledge about yourself and explore your sign down below!

Fire signs:

Aries: (the ram)

Some good qualities: passionate, determined, courageous
Some flaws: impulsive, self-centered, controlling

Sagittarius: (the archer)

Some good qualities: authentic, motivating, impartial
Some flaws: Flaky, belligerent, blunt

Leo: (the lion)

Good qualities: compassionate, fearless, charismatic
Some flaws: pretentious, envious, careless

Water signs:

Cancer: (the crab)

Some good qualities: attentive, warmhearted, innovative
Some flaws: manipulative, overemotional, competing

Scorpio: (the scorpion)

Some good qualities: loyal, courageous, loving
Some flaws: neurotic, covert, possessive

Pisces: (the fishes)

Some good qualities: supportive, imaginative, amorous
Some flaws: self-sabotaging, escapist, self-victimizing

Air signs:

Libra: (The Scales)

Some good qualities: fair, honest, generous
Some flaws: egotistical, exaggerative, unrealistic

Aquarius:(the water bearer)

Some good qualities: tolerant, welcoming, inventive
Some flaws: isolating, restrained, senseless

Gemini: (the twins)

Some good qualities: adventurous, capable, engaging
Some flaws: disingenuous, hypocritical, impatient

Earth signs:

Capricorn:( the horned goat)

Some good qualities: dedicated, courageous, committed
Some flaws: cynical, condescending, harsh

Taurus:(the bull)

Some good qualities: resourceful, charming, meticulous
Some flaws: stubborn, overly-wary, arrogant

Virgo: (The virgin)

Some good qualities: clever, strong work ethic, supportive
Some flaws: judgemental, self-destructive, hypersensitive

So when you’re reading the back of your magazine and rejoicing over your zodiac sign’s love forecast for the next month, remember that the predictions of you having a flirtatious encounter in the next week have ancient origins.

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