5 Of The Best Hangover Cures That Will Have You Loving Life

Nothing can kill your vibe more than having to head to work after a long night of drinking. Getting up and having to function with a bad hangover ranks pretty high on the list of “Things That Suck About Adulting.” While the easiest way to cure a hangover is to drink tons of water, take some aspirin and sleep your hangover away, we aren’t always able to take a sick day after a heavy night of binge-drinking to recover.

To fight that nasty hangover and still be able to function the next day, take a look at these five hangover cures.

1. Grease Is The Word

If you know beforehand that there is any chance you’re gonna be doing some heavy drinking, coating your stomach with foods high in fat and protein help delay alcohol absorption, and gives you more time to get it out of your system.

2. Lemons, Bubbles & Honey Oh My!

For those hangovers that are so bad that they’ll have you questioning the meaning of life, this yummy remedy will help fight nausea and fatigue: mix¬†lemons soaked in honey, and very, very cold seltzer and you’ve got yourself a stiff drink you’ll be able to drink.

3. Carbs Are Your Friend

If you drink too much and end the night with your head in the toilet the last thing on your mind is probably food of any kind. And while any mention of food is enough to make you hit the porcelain yet again, eating something bland and bread-based will help. Go easy on your diet after a heavy night of drinking and eat foods that aren’t heavily seasoned or rich. If you’re itching for a little bit of flavor try saltines or toast with a hint of butter.

4. Fight Your Fatigue

Use this traditional Chinese remedy for hangovers to help reduce nausea and discomfort that comes along after a night of heavy drinking. Throw together a combination of tangerine pith, ginger and brown sugar, pop it in some water, hot tea or seltzer and you might have yourself a cure!

5. Move It Or Lose It

We’re sure the LAST thing on your mind after a night of drinking and a hangover on the horizon is getting out of bed and exercising BUT before you write this one off, light stretching, getting outside to get some fresh air or going for a short bike ride not only helps take your mind off of how crappy you feel, but the fresh air will do you and your liver some good.

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