Here’s How To Dress Right For Summer And Not Sweat Your Butt Off

There is nothing like dressing for summertime. A whole new wardrobe where you finally get to show off your summer body and rock those new jean shorts you’ve been dying to wear. It probably seems simple to dress for summer. The less clothes you wear, the more comfortable you will be in the heat. Right? WRONG.

Everyone loves summer but hates the way it makes us look after standing for five minutes outside. There are certain styles that will help people who tend to sweat more in this brutal weather while still looking chic and fashionable. Here are our picks on what to wear in the summer and not sweat your butt off.



Rompers can be a hit or miss, but we believe there is truly a romper out there for everyone’s figure. Rompers are a great plus to your summer wardrobe because you don’t have to think about putting together an outfit, they are easy to wear and are comfortable. There are many different styles as well such as long sleeved, short sleeved and sleeveless. Not to mention it gives you total relief in the summer heat! Here are some cute romper buys we found for you.

BUY: YFB Clothing Jacobson Romper here

BUY: Dayana Tie Front Off Shoulder Romper here

Wide-Legged Pants

Wearing pants in the summer might seem a little crazy, but these are different. It’s like these were made for wearing in the summer. They are light, airy and cute all at the same time. How could you not gravitate toward this fashion trend? Here are some cool pants you should check out for your summer closet.

BUY: BB Dakota Gove Pant here

BUY: Sandy Lane Striped Pant here

Shift Dresses

These are probably in your closet already, but we had to give this style a shoutout. People probably do not gravitate toward the shift dress because it is loose and not really tailored. It might give people the idea that it makes you look larger than you are, but that is not true. Just like rompers, there is a perfect shift dress for every type of body that is flattering and trendy. It is perfect for summertime because of its looseness and lightness. You definitely will not sweat in this one! Here are some shift dresses we found that are super cool.

BUY: One Teaspoon Braxton Dress here

BUY: Raga Aloha Swing Dress here

Flowy Tops

We all love our jean shorts and skin tight tank tops, but that will lead to a major sweat sesh in a matter of minutes. Believe it or not, but a flowy top will save you from looking like you just got out of a sauna. There are many different styles so you can never go wrong in this category. You can also pair it with pretty much anything, which is the beauty of it. Day or night, you will be the most styled chick out there while being comfortable. Here are some trendy tops we recommend.

BUY: Chaser Starry Tank here

BUY: L’AGENCE Jane Tank here

So you see, there are ways for you to not be a hot mess this summer. Start dressing right now and stop sweating your butt off.

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