Relationship Double Standards You Shouldn’t Have To Deal With

Relationships come with compromising and learning how to give and take, it’s how they grow and get stronger. Relationships also come along with infamous double standards that everyone knows about, but no one talks about. Whether it’s men should hold the door, men should always pay, someone has to wear the pants in the relationship, etc. These have been around for years and for some, they are just the way relationships should work, right?

Well, wrong, relationships should always go both ways, give and take, it’s what makes you two equals. No one should feel inferior in their relationship. Here are five relationship double standards that you should never have to put up with and should start breaking down in your relationship.

Men Should Divulge Their Feelings First

In the movies, it’s always a big production for the man to find the perfect place and time to finally tell his partner that he loves them. However, when it comes to reality, this doesn’t happen that often. Sure it happens with some relationships, but overall telling someone those three words isn’t all that dramatic.

Also, who said it’s the man’s responsibility to say those crucial words first? If the relationship is going well and the woman feels the same she should feel just as comfortable and acceptable to say “I love you,” first. There shouldn’t be rules that say men must say “I love you,” first, it should just be organic and whoever and whenever it’s said, then that’s how it happened.


One Is More Dominant Than The Other

No matter what kind of relationship you’re in, it is expected that there’s always one that is much more dominant than the other. Whether that means they have a better job and more money or they have an easier job of controlling what the other person does, people are always curious as to who “wears the pants,” in the relationship.

Well as far as we’re concerned, everyone wears pants at some point in their relationship, so doesn’t that make the playing ground even? It shouldn’t ever be expected for one person to dominate the other in a relationship, especially if both have powerful and successful personalities. Couples are allowed to both be dominant in the relationship, isn’t that what a power couple should be? Also, both in the relationship could be entirely submissive and “go with the flow” type of people, nothing wrong with that either.

Women Can Critique Mens’ Appearance, But Men Can’t-Do The Same

Today’s society is all about who has the best appearance overall, it is literally posted about everywhere. When you’re in a relationship odds are you like the way your partner dresses and looks, but what about when they don’t pick out the best outfit that day? Most of the time if your man doesn’t look too put together you tell him immediately, critique his outfit and find something that looks much better, at least in your eyes. However, if a man did that to his lady, a fight would break loose instantly.

It doesn’t make any sense for a woman to be able to criticize her man’s look, but him not be able to do the same. If one doesn’t like the way the other is dressed you either, bite your tongue and let them rock their outfit or say something politely and offer to help them in the right direction to what they should wear out without offending them too much.


One Text Back Instantly And The Other Takes Hours To Respond

Have you ever been in a relationship where your partner takes forever to respond to your text but once they do you respond literally within seconds? Trust us you’re not alone in this struggle. There is this double standard out there that one person is always the slower texter and makes the other always wait around for their response, but how accurate really is this?

For quite a few of relationships this is very accurate, and quite annoying might we add. However, for a lot of other relationships out there texting back is quite mutual. You two know each others schedule and know when they will normally be responding and when they will be responding slower, and the best part is, it doesn’t make you freak out.

Learning about your partner’s ways and how they work really helps you gain trust and security in your relationship.

Men Should Always be the Chivalrous One

When it comes to holding the door, paying the bill, opening the car door and more it’s usually the male that is expected to do all these things. If the woman were to try to do so, it almost seems like a dig at the man’s pride and can even be offensive to some. Where it is nice to be treated in such a sweet manner, a woman is just as capable of treating the man just as chivalrous without it being weird.

If a woman wants to hold the door, it should be considered polite, if she wants to pay the bill, let her, she wants to treat her man that night, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Women are very much equal to men and should never be looked down upon for wanting to treat their partner the way their partner is expected to treat them.

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The Ultimate Tinder Addict: Alita Brydon
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