10 Movies To Get You Through A Tough Breakup

Did you just split from who you thought was the love of your life? Your person? Whether you instigated the breakup or not, it can be tough. There’s nothing better than distracting yourself from the heartbreak with some relatable breakup movies. Whether you need a feel-good rom-com, a heart-wrenching drama or a mix of both we have curated a list of 10 movies (which you can stream on Netflix!) about breakups.

1. Mr. Roosevelt (2017)


Noël Wells stars in this quirky comedy film as a comedian who finds herself living with her ex and his “perfect” new girlfriend. Watch this film if you’re in for a humorous take on relationships and exes.

2. The Last Five Years (2014)


Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan sing about their failed onscreen marriage in this romantic musical. Watch this film if you’re in for a musical about a breakup.

3. Newness (2017)


This dramatic film is set in LA and tells the story of two millennials trying to tackle the complexity of an open relationship in an app-driven dating world. Watch this film if you’re struggling to find your watch through app-dating.


4. Happy Anniversary (2018)


Comedians Noël Wells and Ben Schwartz play lovers in a long-term relationship. This rom-com is about how things get tough after the honeymoon phase. Watch this film if you’re for a taste of comedic reality.

5. Frances Ha (2012)


In this black-and-white comedy-drama, Greta Gerwig plays an aspiring dancer named Frances who lives with her best friend in NYC. Things change for Frances when Sophie decides to move into a more expensive neighborhood and Frances is forced to learn her way through life alone. Watch this film if you’re in for a unique inversion of comedy and drama and focuses on the loneliness of it all.

6. 6 Years (2015)


This indie romantic drama follows high school sweethearts who are facing the future of their relationship after college where things get messy. Watch this film if you’re in for some emotional drama.


7. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (2003)


Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson are irresistible in this screwball comedy about trying not to fall in love. Not your typical rom-com. Watch this film if you’re in for some jokes.

8. The Incredible Jessica James (2017)


This indie romantic comedy is about a young woman who is struggling after a breakup and in her aspirations to become a playwright. The story shifts when she meets a guy who seems to be wrong for her. Watch this film if you’re looking for yourself while also looking for new love.

9. Blue Is The Warmest Color (2013)


This French coming-of-age film follows a 15-year-old girl and her lover through years of self-exploration and heartbreak. Watch this film if you’re in for heart-wrenching drama and a storyline that moves away from the rom-com model.

10. America’s Sweethearts (2001)


Julia Roberts costars as Kiki as an awk personal assistant to a celebrity named Gwen. In the process of helping Gwen and her estranged husband, Eddie, Kiki develops a romantic relationship with him. Watch this film if you’re in for some juicy relationship drama.

However you choose to cope with your breakup, we know you will move on. And you moving on will be for the better. You may even learn some new things about yourself along the way.

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