Happy Birthday Tom Sandoval, Here Are 9 Reasons Why We Love Him




Tom Sandoval is one of the best parts of Vanderpump Rules. He’s hilarious on the show, is super outgoing and isn’t afraid to get into drama. Between his friendship with Tom Schwartz, his relationship with Ariana and past with Kristen, the show wouldn’t be the same without him. Tom’s turning 35 this year, hopefully, this will be the year that TomTom, his bar-restaurant he’s opening with Lisa Vanderpump, Ken Todd and Tom Schwartz, opens up this year.

WIth or without TomTom there is so much to love, hate and appreciate about Sandoval. But we are going to focus on the positive, here are nine reasons why we love Tom Sandoval.

His Friendship With Tom Schwartz


These two are two peas in a pod. They love each other, sometimes a little bit too much and their significant others don’t get along all that well and they don’t let it affect them. They’re a hot mess, but we love their strange and loyal relationship anyways.

His Relationship With Ariana


He and Ariana may be my favorite relationship on the show! They’re madly love with each other but they are the tamest couple on the show. Sure they fight but not like Jax and Brittany or Tom and Katie. They’re definitely the most chill couple.

His One-Liners


Ahh, Tom Sandoval’s one-liners. He’s had some good ones throughout his time on the show. My favorite was during Tom Schwartz’s bachelor party, “Leave him alone, he’s a battered wife, Look at him!” So dramatic and meanwhile he’s yelling while he’s in drag for the bachelor party and then everyone starts laughing.

He’s Not Afraid To Cry



Tom Sandoval is NEVER afraid to show his emotion. When I think of him crying I think of him talking to Kristen at the restaurant when they’re both balling their eyes out or at Tom Schwartz’s wedding when he’s crying and wipes his tears on Butter, Tom and Katie’s dog. It’s actually iconic.

He’s All In


Whether it be a bachelor party, a costume party or at work. If he’s doing it he’s all the way in.

He Can Rock Every Hair Style


Tom has rocked the buzz, the quiff, the side swoop and a bob. Just about every hairstyle under the sun and they all seem to work for him.

He Can Make A Mean Cocktail


Tom Sandoval is a bartender at Pump and Sur after all!

He LOVES His Dog


He loves his dog so much, he’ll wear her his chest! This also goes back to the “all in” thing that we love about him.

His Resume Is Long And Varied


Tom Sandoval has many titles of model, actor, bartender, boyfriend and best friend.


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