Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The ‘Floribama Shore’ Season 2 Cast

Floribama Shore, Season 2 Premieres July 9th, on MTV.  This season will feature all the drama, partying and mischief with the same cast as last season.  Here are the cast bios if you’re new or need a refresher.  Also, make sure to watch the first 2 minutes of the Season 2 premiere below to get a look at all the upcoming drama! Hint, it’s a lot of drama.

Let’s take a look!

Codi Butts

Codi, 25, is a bartender from South Carolina. He rocks a dad bod and is part pot-stirrer, part caretaker but he’s a good one!

Kortni Gilson

Kortni, 21, is the spitfire of the group. Remember Snooki? Yeah, like that. She’s not called Krazy Kortni for nothing! Kortni has something going on with fellow castmate, Jeremiah this season. What it is, we’re not too sure but it’s definitely dramatic and emotional.

Aimee Hall

Aimee, 24, is the goofy, sweetheart party girl that everyone loves! She’s BFFs with fellow castmate, Nilsa.

Gus Smyrnios

Gus, 22, the pretty boy of the group that is already sucked into relationship drama.  He’s hooked up with fellow castmate Nilsa and it doesn’t look like that’ll come to an end anytime soon. Sensing a Sam and Ron sitch? Ding, ding, ding you’re probably correct.

Nilsa Prowant

Nilsa, 23, is gorgeous and on the prowl.  At 23 she has already been divorced and with her on and off, in-house relationship with Gus, we’re sure to get some Ronny and Sam vibes.

Kirk Medas

Kirk, 25, Atlanta native is your good friend and shoulder to cry on.  Remember Vinny?  The good friend that’s not a horrible person once the show airs? That’s Kirk. But the season 2 spoiler shows that Kirk does get arrested. What for? We’ll have to tune in!

Jeremiah Buoni

Jeremiah, 22, is into himself, his abs and his hair and you’ll know it. Jeremiah was home-schooled but you’ll never get that socially awkward vibe from him! In Season 2 we see Kortni and Jeremiah exchange some ‘I love yous’ in an emotional moment.  We’ll have to watch to see for the full story but you can sneak a peek,  here. 

Candice Rice

Candice, 24, is one of the most mature ones in the house. She’s always put together and she even takes Krazy Kortni under her wing.

First 2 Minutes of the Season 2 Premiere

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