Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin: Dating History & Timeline








Singer, songwriter and total teenage heartthrob Justin Bieber as officially taken one less lonely girl off the dating market. On July 8th, 2018 TMZ reported first that the 24-year-old popped the question to 21-year-old model and on again off again romance Hailey Baldwin.

Here is everything you need to know about their relationship timeline from their first time meeting to how and when Bieber asked the question and more.



The first time the couple met was because of Hailey’s father, Stephen Baldwin. He introduced the two in 2009 where it was all captured on a Vine that resurfaced later once they became official.

Stephen does most of the talking while Justin and Hailey awkwardly shake hands and introduce themselves. Can other couples say the first time they met was captured on camera? This video has to be played at their wedding.


The two were reintroduced at Justin’s Never Say Never premiere where Hailey’s father once again was the middleman.


Photos surfaced of Bieber and Baldwin attending church together alongside Kendall Jenner in NYC. The picture showed the two at Hillside Church while enjoying each others company, Bieber attends the Los Angeles location typically. Rumors spread about their possible romance because more photos of them together surfaced. Baldwin shut them down immediately.

“I’ve known him since I was so young–since I was like 13–and we’ve just been good friends over the years,” Baldwin told E! News in December 2014. “We have just stayed close, and there’s nothing more to it than that.”


Shortly after Baldwin spoke to E! News, Bieber took to Instagram posting this photo of him and Baldwin with the caption, “People are crazy, I’m super single, and this is my good friend, u would know otherwise.”



After a year of speculations still occurring between the two from ringing in the new year with friends to vacationing together in Anguilla in December 2015 when Bieber posted an Instagram video of the two on their trip.

Finally, in January 2016 the two announced that they were more than friends when Bieber posted a photo of them smooching on Instagram, and fans went crazy.


Even though the two went public, they still didn’t add a title to the relationship. Justin told GQ, he didn’t feel he was at the point in his life where he could be in a serious relationship.

“What if Hailey ends up being the girl I’m gonna marry, right? If I rush into anything, if I damage her, then it’s always gonna be damaged,” Beiber said to GQ. “It’s really hard to fix wounds like that. It’s so hard, I just don’t want to hurt her.”

By August 2016, the couple had split, and Bieber quickly moved on to model Sophia Richie.


In May 2018 Baldwin opened up about her and Bieber’s past to UK The Times saying, “We didn’t speak for quite some time, and there was a lot of weirdness that went on. But it brought both of us to the realization that we just work much better as friends.”

Just a quick month after the two were spotted multiple times looking like they were more than just friends.

After only being back on for a few months, Bieber popped the question July 8th making the couple officially engaged. They were spotted on July 9th in the Bahamas living it up with a pretty big rock on Hailey’s finger.

Bieber’s dad took to Instagram with this picture and captioned it “Proud is an understatement! Excited for the next chapter!” showing how proud he is of his son.


E! News confirmed some reports where sources talked everything about how he asked the question to what her engagement ring looks like. Even though the couple has never officially confirmed their rekindled relationship or engagement, all the signs are pointed their way directly.

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