Here Is Why You Get Bitten By Mosquitoes More Than Everyone

If you’re like me, the summertime means no longer being at the top of the food chain. Warmer temperatures send us running for cover from the hordes of vicious, bloodsucking and seemingly selective mosquitos. Whenever we feel that we have been personally victimized by mosquitos, we tell ourselves that it’s because we are delicious. But, what is it exactly that makes us such tasty, tasty mosquito snacks? Below are 5 reasons why you get bitten by mosquitos more than everyone else does.

1. Your blood type


According to a small scientific study, people with type O blood are significantly more attractive to mosquitos than people with type A blood.

2. The composition of the microbes on your skin

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The unique flora of microbes living on our skin control how appealing we are to mosquitos.

3. How much carbon dioxide you exude

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People that have a larger body mass, as well as pregnant women, produce more carbon dioxide, thus making them more appetizing to mosquitos.

4. Exercising

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Exercise increases the amount of lactic acid that your skin secrets, raises your overall body temperature making and, as a result, makes you into a meal that’s too good for any mosquito to pass up.

5. Drinking beer


One study found that consuming a single bottle of beer is enough to make you more attractive to ALL insects in general. No one conclusively knows why that is.

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