What Ombré Lipstick Look Is Perfect For Your Zodiac Sign?

Ombré lipstick has recently taken over Instagram feeds like a hurricane. See which ombré lip look is perfect for your zodiac sign and emphasizes the best traits of your sign!



Intense and fiery like an Aries, this lip look demands respect. The bright red in this look symbolizes the ferocity of an Aries, while the dark around the edges warns of a harsh backlash once wronged. This look carries the trademark don’t mess with me attitude that is common of the typical Aries.



If only one word could be required to describe a Taurus it would be bold. The glowering gold of this lip look enunciates the powerful and courageous Taurus.  A dedicated Taurus can perfectly flaunt this look while getting the job done.



This horizontal ombre look is a personification of the dual nature of a Gemini. The vibrant energy of a Gemini and communicative nature well mesh with the suave colors in this look.



Cancers are filled to the brim with passion, and this red and pink ombre look exudes their compassionate and caring persona. This romantic look helps caring Cancers express their emotions through an amorous lip style.



Leo’s capture attention when walking into any room. Their glittery personalities and effortless charm are emphasized by this sparkling lip look.



Virgos crave order and a true Virgo can master this carefully constructed ombré look. The deep colors represent the insightful nature of the hard working and intensely thinking Virgo.



This lip look exudes balance and harmony. Libra’s gracefully construct balance and this lip look emphasizes their balletic and neat charisma.

SCORPIO- dark exterior inner is sparkly


Scorpios can have a tough exterior but once you get to know the real them they can be astonishing. The dark outside and galactic inside perfectly represent the journey into the mind of a Scorpio.



The Sagittarius sign is known for being carefree and adventurous. This lip color is not afraid to be a little messy around the edges and push societal standards like that of an upstanding Sagittarius.



Capricorns are logical masterminds but don’t underestimate their capacity to have fun. The cool green edges of this look bring out the shiny gold inside and both colors compliment each other just like the cautious but adventurous psyche of a Capricorn.



Cool, blue, breezy and jovial best sum up this look. Aquarians are constantly running off into impromptu adventures and don’t need structure as a requirement in life. This lip look screams outside of the box and carefree.



Shadowy and sharp colors that will represent a deep dreamer. Pisces are unconventional and not afraid to keep running past the finish line. The intense colors of this look speak for the idealist Pisces.



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