George Clooney Hospitalized After Scary Scooter Crash In Italy

George Clooney was taken to the hospital after a car crashed into him while he was riding his scooter in Sardinia. According to the Daily Mail, the actor and father of two was riding his scooter Tuesday morning from his house in Puntaldia, Sardinia to the set of his new show Catch 22, which is in Capo Ceraso. While at an intersection on State Road 125 a driver didn’t respect the right of way, cut across and hit Clooney with his car.

The 57-year-old supposedly hit the windshield of the car with his head and fell to the ground after he was hit. He was, fortunately, wearing a helmet at the time. The driver who hit him called an ambulance. He was taken to John Paul II hospital.

Clooney sustained no major injuries. He had no broken or fractured bones. He underwent an MRI because he complained of “a slight trauma to the pelvis and bruises to one leg and an arm,” according to news outlet La Nuova. The Daily Mail reports that he did sustain a bit of trauma to his pelvis, hip and knee and should take 20 days to heal.

A police officer who was on the scene confirmed to CNN that Clooney seemed fine. Clooney’s injuries are pretty minor because reportedly he and the driver were both driving slowly.

His wife and human rights lawyer, Amal Clooney supposedly rushed to the hospital to be with Clooney and was there when he was discharged.

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TMZ is now reporting that Clooney’s crash is more serious than news outlets previously thought. Their source said that Clooney was going 60 MPH when he was struck by the car. When he was thrown from his bike and hit the windshield of the car with his helmet the impact was so strong his helmet broke. He then flew over the roof of the car and was hurled 20 feet in the air. Clooney’s reps confirmed these details to TMZ.

His injuries remain non-life threatening and he’s at home recovering.

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