Here’s What You Need To Know About Instagram ‘Questions Sticker’ Feature

Instagram stories just got a whole lot more interactive! After introducing a sticker that allows users to poll their followers and an emoji slider feature, the social media platform has announced a sticker that will enable your followers to ask you questions.

According to a press release from Instagram, the feature works by users adding a “Questions Sticker” to their stories. The sticker,¬†which prompts followers to ask questions, will cause a little response bar to appear on their screens where they are able to submit questions.


Users are free to pick and choose which questions they answer. Then, an answer, in addition to the prompt and question, is shared on the story.

Using their viewers’ list, users can see their followers’ questions. However, others will not know who asked the questions that are being replied to. The feature is set to launch sometime in the near future.

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