Get Your First Look At Season 3 Of ‘Riverdale’ With These Behind The Scenes Photos

The ever-addicting CW show Riverdale is coming back for another season in October, and while our knowledge on what’s going to happen with Archie Andrews and the gang is limited, we do have some ideas thanks to a few set pictures posted by the stars of the show! The show began filming on Tuesday, July 10th, and we were given our first peek back into Riverdale thanks to Mädchen Amick, or as we know her on Riverdale, Alice Cooper.  Amick posted a selfie with her on-screen daughters, Lili Reinhart and Tiera Skovbye, who play Betty and Polly Cooper respectively.

Amick Tweeted this picture early, Tuesday morning, with the caption, “The streak is alive. Day 1 of each season of #Riverdale involves the #Coopers [heart eyed emoji] Missed my girls @lilireinhart and  @tskovbye1” We can only guess that, while this picture didn’t reveal too much about the upcoming season, that the Cooper girls are reuniting or perhaps even plotting something in response to The Black Hood’s reveal last season.

The next photo was given to us by Reinhart, also on July 10th, but much later in the day. Reinhart posted a photo on her Instagram that got us ready to see our favorite leading ladies on CW again!

The photo featured Reinhart with co-stars Camila Mendes and Madelaine Petsch, actresses behind Veronica Lodge and Cheryl Blossom, lounging on a hammock together in some cozy looking robes. While the picture doesn’t really give away that much about what’s going on in Riverdale, it was a nice introduction back into the world of the show, and a cute photo of our favorite leading ladies on set!

The last two photos come from Mendes and Cole Sprouse, the actor behind the moody and mysterious Jughead Jones. The pair of pictures seem to be taken around the same time, and they have us wishing we could be on set to see all the funny moments that don’t get captured on camera. Mendes tweets a slightly low-resolution video of Sprouse singing in the front seat of a car, with the caption, “when cole makes us listen to creed on the way to work.” We’re all admiring her bold questioning of the actor’s music taste, and we’re laughing at Sprouse’s response video, of Mendes curled up in her seat. The caption reads, “Cami doesn’t like the music”, which is a bit obvious with the actress’ icy side eye at the camera.

Sadly, Riverdale doesn’t return until October, but these candid moments from the actors’ social media are helping a bit with our craving for the show’s return.

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