8 Subtle Things Your Partner Does Right Before They Cheat 

Cheating Love Letter


Nothing sucks more than the moment you find out that your partner has been cheating on you. Almost immediately after finding out of our bae’s infidelities (and once the initial moments of shock, anger and sadness pass), we are left in our heads and wondering what we could have done to prevent it and if there were any signs beforehand. And while we’re not too sure if there is a foolproof way to avoid being cheated on, as it turns out, there are actually a few signs that expose your cheating partner right before they cheat.

To prevent the aftermath of exposing your cheating partner for the piece of crap they are, take a look at these 8 subtle things your partner will more than likely be doing right before they cheat.

1. They Microcheat

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With micro cheating being an unfortunate new yet equally tragic trend in the world of dating today, it’s important to look out for clues that your partner may very well be micro cheating on you. Often, when you have to question whether you’re “technically cheating” or not that’s usually a CLEAR indicator that you shouldn’t be engaging in the behavior. If you notice or suspect that your boo is doing some dipping and micro cheating on the low it may be something to investigate and look into.

2. They Are More Secretive

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If you notice that your partner has become more secretive, or isn’t as forthcoming and talkative with info, that’s also a pretty big sign that they may be hiding something from you that they DON’T want you to know about. Another clear indicator that they may have something (or someone) to hide is if they leave the room to speak on the phone, they put a passcode on their phone or go to extra lengths to keep you out of their phone or email.

3. They Switch Up Their Schedule

Delayed Schedule


A schedule change here and there is totally normal and understandable. A drastic schedule change out of nowhere and for no rhyme or reason may mean that your bae is making other plans with someone else.

4. They Stop Arguing…



As sad as it sounds, there is some truth to this. Often when a person becomes less interested in someone or grows more and more detached from the relationship, they won’t put in as much effort. Little arguments or things that used to matter are no longer a priority. Instead of putting up the good fight your partner will instead choose to not engage in any type of an argument at all because they are already checked out of the relationship or they simply just don’t care.

5. …Or They Argue More


Sometimes instead of choosing to disengage from you and the relationship, your partner may instead become more argumentative. Picking more arguments and having more fights causes friction which in turn gives you or your partner more reason to either break up, or it gives them justification and ammo to go and cheat.

6. They Aren’t As Intimate

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One of the most prominent subtle signs that show your partner is about to step out on you is that they are no longer intimate or as physical with you anymore. Subtle changes and a shift in how often you and your partner are intimate is a sign that they may be about to step out on you or are on the verge.

7. They Dress Differently

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This subtle but obvious sign has been around for ages. Your partner randomly switching up how they dress or what they wear may be a sign that they are dressing to get the attention of someone else.

8. They Are Accusatory Toward You

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Because your partner probably has a guilty conscious about their new found or soon-to-be infidelity, they often wind up subtly telling on themselves when they accuse you of cheating or stepping out on them. If your partner suddenly starts to accuse you of infidelity, that may be a sign that they are the ones about to do the cheating.

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