8 Foolproof Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer






Staying cool in the summer is a formidable task for humans. While we may struggle with the heat, we don’t have to deal with a thick coat of fur like most dogs do.

Dogs may not be able to express how warm they are during the summer months but they definitely struggle too. Fortunately, there are some foolproof ways to keep your dog cool in the summer.

Here are the best tips to ensure you and your dog are happy all season.

1) Keep Your Dog Groomed


If your dog has particularly long fur, they will benefit from a nice cut.

2) Buy A Cooling Pad


Keeping a cooling pad under your dog will prevent overheating.

3) Let Them Play In The Shade


When your dog wants to go outside make sure they have access to shade from trees or umbrellas.

4) Go Swimming


If your dog likes swimming, encourage them to play in your pool or the ocean. Otherwise, play in the sprinklers with them.

5) Give Them A Frozen Treat


What better way to stay cool than eating some ice cream?

6) Walk During Cooler Times Of Day


If you and your dog take a daily walk together, try to schedule your stroll for cooler times of day like dawn or evening.

7) Keep Them Hydrated


Make sure your dog’s water bowl is filled throughout the day.

8) Let Them Play In The Sand


Rolling in the sand is a great way for dogs to stay cool. Consider building a sandbox or going to the beach.

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