Best Cardio Workouts To Try If You Hate Running


Running is not for everyone! It’s good for burning fat and getting your heart rate up but sometimes it sucks! Whether you simply hate running just because (I feel you) or it hurts your knees or you don’t feel motivated to do cardio, there are still ways to get in shape!

Here are some workouts to try if you hate running!


Yoga is good for stretching and clearing the mind. Hot yoga works better as a workout and burning calories because you sweat a ton. If you want to clear your mind and avoid high-intensity workout moves, try yoga.


Pilates works to fatigue your muscles. So while you may not be huffing and puffing, you get a damn good workout that will work every muscle and make your body ache the next day. Pilates is really good for stretching, making your muscles lean and overall toning your body!


Barre is another way to work your muscles. It’s a series of low impact moves with free weights that will work your legs, arms, glutes, abs and back muscles. It’s inspired by yoga and pilates combined with ballet so you’ll work your muscles through a series of high rep, low range of motion.


Biking is cardio too but depends how you do it. Soul cycle will be high intensity but riding a beach cruiser on the beach with friends is still a workout but it won’t feel like one.

Dance classes

If you love dancing try a Zumba¬†class or a dance class! It’s still cardio but if it’s something you enjoy, you won’t dread it.


Swimming is a great form of cardio but you don’t get that sweaty, hot feeling. Swimming also helps sore muscles and works every muscle in the body!


You can find a gym machine that’s more of a low-intensity form of cardio! Maybe a rowing machine, a seated bike or the elliptical. They’ll all raise your heart rate and burn calories but won’t feel like you’re running on a treadmill!

Weight Lifting

Weightlifting is a different kind of intense! It’s very different than running but you’ll burn fat and strengthen muscles!

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