Casper Mattresses Is Opening A Nap Store And We Are Here For It

We as a society probably complain about being tired almost every day and it’s a problem that one mattress company seems to have a solution to! Napping isn’t only acceptable for preschoolers now, Casper Mattresses, the company behind the mattress delivery service trend, has opened a nap store, called “The Dreamery” in New York.

For only $25, you can book a 45-minute timeslot to nap in an extremely cute sleeping pod, complete with a Casper mattress, sheets, and pillow, (of course) a pair of pajamas from Sleepy Jones, a toothbrush and dental hygiene kit from Hello, and face wash from Sunday Ridley. If that doesn’t make you want to rush to The Dreamery right now, Casper also provides audio tracks from Headspace to help you fall asleep, and a cup of coffee when you wake up!

Senior Vice President of Experience,  Eleanor Morgan, says that the people at Casper Mattress have been working on a “napping experience” for a while now. The company has tested out many different concepts on customers in their New York offices. You also don’t have to just nap in The Dreamery, Casper provided a calming lounge area with free coffee and snacks for those who just need a moment to breathe or unwind before going back to their hectic lives.

You might think that paying to take a 45-minute nap might seem a bit excessive to say the least, Casper believes that something like this is needed for today.

“A lot of people need a break but don’t have a place for it, whether they’ve taken the redeye and need a place to crash, or are far minutes away from home and need to settle down for a bit during a 14-hour work day,” Morgan states “We’re passionate about creating a cultural movement around sleep, and we think a lot about how to give people different ways to rest and recharge.”

That’s a sentiment that we can get behind! Morgan assures customers that The Dreamery was never really about making money, but more about creating an experience. The $25 fee just covers the costs of the Dreamery, and Casper is looking to expand their experience even more. Visit their website to check it out for yourself!

If you want to visit The Dreamery, it is located at 196 Mercer St. New York, NY, 10012.

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