9 Must-Try Hacks That Will Change Your Laundry Game

Laundry is one of those (extremely) necessary activities we have to partake in. Doing your laundry can sometimes take hours even with a small load with the many steps “doing laundry” requires: separating the clothes, washing the clothes, drying the clothes, folding/hanging up the clothes (this sometimes takes multiple cycles too). There’s no way around this cycle and whether you find it the best or worst part of your life routine we have some tips that will make your laundry game stronger.

1. Buy A Lingerie Bag To Use For Socks


A lingerie bag is not only good for you lingerie but also for your socks! Get a lingerie bag to keep your socks together. The socks will still be completely clean after a wash and better yet you won’t have to track down your socks (or drop some on the floor). They’ll all be peacefully together in one contained spot saving you a headache afterward.

2. Dash A Teaspoon Of Black Pepper In Your Washer


You always want to keep your dark clothes dark for as long as possible. They are detergents out there with that promise, but they can be extremely expensive and then not even work.

This is where pepper from your kitchen comes in. A teaspoon of black pepper in your wash cycle gets rid of soap residue that causes clothes to fade. Don’t worry about smelling like pepper-the smell will rinse away.

3. You Can Leave Your Clothes Inside Out


You know the drill. You took your clothes off after a long day and threw them in your laundry basket. Now you are putting the clothes in the washer while turning them back in. But this isn’t necessary–your clothes will still be just as clean whether or not you turn them back in or leave them inside out. By leaving them inside out you’ll save many minutes and get your laundry done faster.


4. Add Half A Cup Of Distilled White Vinegar For Smells


Do any of your clothes or linens have a strange smell? Have you tried to get rid of the smell by doing multiple loads (with seldom success)? Use white vinegar! You won’t have to waste any more time or water. Just add half a cup to your wash and then notice how well the vinegar erases traces of mustiness and chemical smells in clothes. (And rest assured your clothes won’t smell like vinegar).

5. Toss A Dry Towel Into The Dryer


Keep aside a dry towel for your drying needs. A dry towel will help absorb moisture and speed up the drying process for the rest of the load.

6. Throw In Some Aluminum Foil


Aluminum foil is perfect for the dryer! It is a perfect replacement for dryer sheets. (Or if you run out of them). Just ball up some aluminum foil and toss it in the dryer to kill static cling.


7. Toss Your Pillows In The Washing Machine


This might not work for all pillows but it works for many (check the label on your pillow). Place two pillows into your washer and run them through the gentle rinse cycle and then another rinse cycle (to make sure all the detergent is gone). Then throw the pillows in your dryer with a couple of tennis balls (to fluff ’em up) and your pillows will be like new.

8. Jot Down Notes On Your Washer Or Dryer


An important part of this hack is to only use it if you have your own personal washer and dryer. If you have a personal washer and dryer pick a spot in your laundry room to store a dry erase marker.

While washing and drying some clothes you can make notes of anything important you may need to know about your load on your washer and drying (it will always wipe off after). (Like a sweater that will be ruined if you put it in the dryer). This is a perfect way to remind yourself of things related to laundry and keep your clothes perfect.

9. The One-Touch Rule


Establish a rule that once you touch your clothes out of the dryer you fold or sort them then and there. This will save you a lot of time if you had just thrown the clothes unfolded into a basket.

We hope these hacks will make your laundry experience more pleasant (or just pleasant if laundry isn’t your thing). Wash on!

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