How To Make Online Dates More Meaningful


When it comes to online dating, it can be hard to figure out multiple different things. If the person you’re chatting wants the same as you, figuring out if they are who they say they are, wondering what will work and what won’t, etc. Again, multiple different things.

However, if you’re really committed to the online dating world and passionate about finding someone especially if you have already met someone you’re really interested in. Here are some ways to have more meaningful online dates.

Planning Unique Dates

In order to keep the other interested and engaged, especially on a first day, do something different. Skip the dinner and a movie thing and try something more exciting. Stuff like painting, bowling, or even taking a dance class and really switch things up!

No Texting Games

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As much fun as it is text someone for a bit to get to know them and flirt with them a bit, it’s better to meet them in real life, sooner than later. The dating game can be a tough one and you don’t need to feel like someone is leading you on. If they won’t set something up sooner, then it’s time to move on.

Don’t Go Out With ALL Your Matches

It is great to get out your comfort zone and meet a bunch of new people… but maybe not all at once. Engage with your matches and be able to pick apart ones that you seem you can have a genuine conversation with than the ones who seem flaky. Save yourself the disappointment before it’s too late.

Forget Unrealistic ExpectationsĀ 

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Don’t put too much pressure on the date and the person you’re on a date with. If you set expectations, you’re only going to get disappointed. Just run with the date and see where it goes, don’t plan out the perfect date in your head, just let it happen.

Skip The Alcohol, Meet During The Day

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With the help of alcohol and a bar atmosphere around you, your ability to tell if you actually like the person can be a bit fuzzy because of your intoxicated state. It can help shake off nerves but its best to just skip it and save it for another time.

Ask Important Questions


Small talk is great for the beginning in order to get some of the nervousness and anxious feeling out of your system, but don’t be afraid to dig deeper. By all means, don’t interrogate them, but find ways to bring questions upon topics that are important to you in order to build a stronger connection.

Plan A Smaller Date

Before going on a full date with someone, suggest meeting up for a quick coffee break just to get the rundown of someone if you’re debating on a bigger date. It helps you get a better feel for who they are and to see if you’re still interested in dating them more seriously.

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