5 Best Treehouse Hotels To Stay At On Your Next Vacation




Treehouse hotels are a thing and your inner child is screaming and jumping with joy. That’s right, you can spend your vacation sleeping and lounging in a hotel room away from the world, made of wood and up in the trees. Privacy, nature, quietness — you got it all. So basically time to start planning your next trip?

Let’s take a look at treehouse hotels all over the US!

Tree House at Post Ranch Inn. Big Sur, CA


At Post Ranch Inn, you’ll get a private deck, in-suite dining, and a king bed. Luxury in a treehouse. The price is pretty steep at $1,500 a night. It’s so nice you can even get married here!

Tree House Point. Issaquah, Washington.


Another treehouse lodging that offers a variety of activities like cryotherapy and tai chi! The website won’t even give you price so $$$$$$$$$$.

Winvian Farms. Morris, Connecticut


Ok, the price range is way more attainable for these treehouses starting at $499 a night! Winvian Farms offers wine tasting, girls’ weekends and you can even bring your dog!  For $80.

Luxury Montana Treehouse Retreat. Columbia Falls, Montana


Double-decker treehouse for $315 a night?  We’re doing better!  This treehouse is located at the gateway to Glacier National Park so the views are to die for! It’s a great spot for fishing, whitewater rafting, horseback riding or rock climbing.

Whispering Wood Treehouse Ridgedale, Missouri


Whispering Woods in Missouri is a treehouse cabin with a deck that you can rent for as little as $150 a night depending on when you go. It’s located on Branson Cedars Resort and it’s super close to the Ozarks Wilderness making it great for exploring!

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