Top 10 Best Camping Hacks & Tips

When summer rolls around camping trips are on many people’s bucket lists. Whether you’re planning one with your friends or your family goes on one every year, they really are the perfect summer retreat. With camping comes a lot of packing and prep work because well, you’re in the middle of nowhere and have to bring everything you need for the trip ahead of you.

Try out these super easy but necessary camping hacks on your next trip.

Glow Stick Cooler

Have you ever reached into the cooler and opened a can without looking and ended up with a soda instead of a beer? Next time you’re camping try putting a couple glow sticks in your cooler so that the whole thing lights up, and you can see what you’re grabbing.

Beer Can Popcorn

Who wouldn’t love freshly popped popcorn by the campfire? Now you can’t just take store bought bagged popcorn and let it go, you have to use individual kernels over the fire. Instead of using a paper bag try putting them in an empty beer can and letting it roast over the fire.

Also, cut a hole in the side of the can so that the popcorn has room to pop and once they start falling out, you’re ready to eat.

Cork N’ Keys

If you’re worried about losing your keys on your trip especially if you’re going to bring them in the water this hack is a must! All you have to do is attach an old wine cork to your keys and no matter if you drop them in a big bowl of punch or in the lake they will bob up to the surface every time.

DIY Speaker

You’re enjoying the trip but everyone wants to play some music. If you’re brave enough you could bring a Bluetooth speaker, but if you’re too scared of losing or breaking it there are other ways for you to still listen to music from more than just your iPhone speaker.

Take any clean cup and place your phone inside the cup, once you turn on the music it will echo out from the cup and be your own DIY speaker. The sound won’t be as loud as a real speaker, but it will work much better than not using one at all.

Scrambled Eggs Storage

You’re packing all the food for your camping trip and one thing everyone wants is eggs in the morning. Instead of bringing a whole carton of eggs just scramble them up in a bowl and pour it into an empty water bottle. That way you can easily store it and make sure you don’t spill or crack any eggs on the trip.

DIY No Mess Sangria

What’s a camping trip without some adult beverages? Everyone brings their favorite beer and alcohol, but the next time you go camping try making some DIY sangrias too. There are countless different ways you can make them, check out different recipes here.

Cook Food In A Paper Bag or Tinfoil

Sometimes it can be difficult to try and bring a bunch of pans to cook over the fire. Another easy way to cook your food is by putting it in a paper bag or in tinfoil. Whether it be eggs and bacon or even cooking veggies over the fire it’s an easy and mess-free way to cook all your favorite camping foods.


Smores are the ultimate camping treat for any great trip, but try adding an Oreo in the mix. Instead of using graham crackers as your crust take apart an oreo and place all your goodies inside it.

Old Rug Flooring

You’ve set up your tent and put down your sleeping bags but the ground seems to be super lumpy and uncomfortable, let’s face it you’re laying on the sticks and rocks. One way to help make the ground a little less lumpy is taking an old rug along with you camping.

You can stick it on the ground in your tent and it immediately gives your tent some “instant carpet” and makes it easier to sleep on.

Zip Ties For Days

Even if you don’t think you’ll need zip ties, bring them. No matter if it is your first camping trip or you’re a camping pro bringing a pack of zip ties will always come in handy at some point. From locking your tent at night to literally anything they will attach to, pack them now and thank us later.

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