The 5 Fashion Trends That Are Becoming Extinct

New fashion trends are always a fun way to kick off a new season. As much as you don’t like to admit it, you do love to participate in them in one way or another. Whether it be the ’90s mini sunglasses or the ugly sneakers everyone is dying to have – we’ve all been there.

When new trends come in, the others tend to die out and become “extinct.” We’re not saying to cut them out of your wardrobe completely, they might just not be “in” as much as they used to. These trends that are dying out have received much praise in the past few seasons, meaning their lifespan is naturally going to be slowing down as we approach a brand-new season.

If you still wear these trends, that’s totally okay. Fashion goes through cycles constantly, and there is never a right or wrong way of expressing your style. Everybody’s persona is different, which makes fashion such a great way to express yourself.

In case you actually do follow the trends every season and need to know what is the next big thing, we will guide you in becoming the latest fashion guru. Below is a list of the newest trends coming for you to test out.

OUT: Big Stripes

IN: Animal Print


Let’s face it, big stripes make you look like a roaring ’20s Chicago gangster. If you are done with this trend that is supposed to make your legs appear slimmer, try this one out. We know animal prints might seem a little scary (literally) but it is definitely a show stopper. It is not only a bold statement but timeless as well. Such designers like Christian Dior, Victoria Beckham, Donatella Versace and Calvin Klein all contributed to the animal print trend this season. If you want to give this trend a try, shop some of our favorite looks below.

BUY: Lovers + Friends Ellie Midi Dress here

BUY: Wildfox Couture Easy Tiger Sommers Sweater here

OUT: Flatforms

IN: Funky Pumps


Who wears flats anymore anyway?! Shoes have been the star of everybody’s outfit these days; whether it be the FILA sneakers or kitten heel pumps, you definitely have participated in some way. Instead of flatforms, that we oh so loved once upon a time, revamped pumps are replacing them. Don’t get confused with classic pumps, these are a little different. Imagine your shoe getting a makeover toe to heel. Here are some of our favorites for you to test out.

BUY: Schutz Chaya Heel here

BUY: RAYE Buckley Mule here

OUT: Robe Coats

IN: Glossy Outerwear


We don’t know about you, but we are guilty of participating in the robe coat trend. The 2018 runways showed us a peculiar new outlook on outerwear – glossy coats. To the people who follow the saying, the shinier the better, this one is for you.

Here are some cool glossy coats to rock this season.

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OUT: Athleisure

IN: Classic Pieces


This could be a big debate whether athleisure is in or out, but the 2018 runways didn’t include much of the trend. Designers are turning to classics again, which is a fresh change that the fashion world needs. Of course, we love being comfortable and having some swag. But now think cardigans, tailored separates and printed checks.

Still a little confused? Check out these classics below to get started.

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OUT: Plastics

IN: Metallics


We are still wrapping our head around those Yeezy PVC heels Kimmie K always wears to support her husband. Doesn’t her foot sweat wearing those?! Well, good thing this trend is on its way out once and for all. The trend that is replacing this horrendous one is all metallic everything. Such designers such as Saint Laurent and Tom Ford rocked this trend on their runways, which make us firmly believe this is going to be fall’s big hit.

Way too excited for this trend? Start your fall shopping early by purchasing these metallic looks.

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Well, don’t just stand there. It’s time to revamp your closet! Do you agree with our list? Let us know in the comment section!

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This Company Makes Retro Clothing That Supports Park Conservation
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