Camila Mendes Boyfriends 2018: Who Is Camila Dating Now?


Single no more! After two years of being on the market, the raven-haired Riverdale star, Camila Mendes has confirmed that there is a new man in her life.

Let’s take a look back at her dating history before diving into who this mystery man is.

Ian Wallace 2013-2016

Mendes and Wallace dated for over three years according to a now-deleted Instagram. The September 2016 post by Mendes was captioned “Three Years with this charmer. Grateful for the endless inspiration and unconditional love that you give me. I love you so much, Ian Wallace, and I am lucky to fully experience just how rare and special you are. Happy Anniversary, love.”

While the anniversary post has been deleted, Mendes’ page still contains photos credited to Wallace or tagging Wallace.

Wow–seems like they were serious. After their split in 2016 (and even before), rumors have swirled concerning the relationship between Mendes and hunky on-screen love-interest KJ Apa. Honestly, with all the steamy scenes between the two, this speculation does not seem far-fetched. Nevertheless, the pair has consistently stated they are just close friends.

Victor Houston 2018

Camila confirmed her relationship with hottie Victor Houston on the red carpet on Sunday, July 15th. The couple attended neighboring high schools in Florida and recently reunited in New York. Houston is a financial professional in New York City and a 2016 graduate of Boston College. You read that right, he is a regular, non-famous (super handsome) dude!

Houston previously posted a photo captioned “Happy birthday beautiful” on June 29th of he and Mendes which first led to speculation about the pair. He then posted another selfie of the two the following day–captioned “Baby.” Not-so-subtle. Therefore, it was not shocking when Mendes herself confirmed her new relationship on the red carpet, saying, “I can confirm, sure, I don’t care. Sorry, guys” when asked if she and Houston were dating.

Mendes has yet to post an overtly romantic photo of with her new bae. However, Houston has graced her Instagram feed–in a photo of him and photographer Barron Roth planting smooches on each of her cheeks. Fans have applauded both their adorable new relationship and her stellar caption game on this photo.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for more pictures of Camila Mendes and Victor Houston because they truly look amazing together.

Charles Melton 2018-Present

It was rumored that the two Riverdale co-stars were more than just friends. On October 7, 2018, Mendes posted a photo of Charles Melton kissing her on the forehead with the caption “mine.”

Even though the post doesn’t explicitly say the two are dating, fans are assuming they are. It also doesn’t help that their famous friends jumped in the comments confirming for them. Cazzie David commented a few ship emojis with, “it’s a ship, cause we ship,” Lili Reinhart commented a tulip emoji and KJ Apa wrote,”Are you guys dating?”

Since September it was rumored that the two were together. Now they’ve made things Instagram official. Do you ship the Riverdale couple?


Camila Mendes is definitely dating Charles Melton and they have taken their relationship on Instagram.