5 Last-Minute Road Trips With Your Besties Before School Starts Again

Even though Summer isn’t over, it always comes to a screeching haltĀ before you know it. That means back to school and no more spontaneousĀ trips to fill the time. Don’t go back to school wishing you had spent more time together or planned a trip and never followed through, you’ll end up regretting it.

No matter if it’s just traveling to your hometown with your friends or finding a random place you’ve always wanted to go as a group, take that opportunity to make those fun summer memories.

Check out these 5 last-minute summer road trips to take with your BFFs before summer ends.

One Of Your Hometowns


No matter if you all have been BFFs since elementary school or met in college you all are bound to be from different places at some point in time.

You could either choose one of your hometowns and all take a trip down memory lane together or take a week to travel to each other’s hometowns together and show one another what it was like growing up.

A Place In Your Favorite TV Show


You and your besties probably have shows you all have watched together, right? Think about some of your favs and see where they’re based out of. Who wouldn’t want to go to the Upper East Side of New York and take iconic pictures like you’re the cast of Gossip Girl?

Whether it’s your favorite chick flick show or one of your favorite crime shows, traveling to that destination will be fun and make you feel like you’re a character in the show.

A Random Place


Sometimes the best trips are the ones unplanned. If you don’t really have any destination picked out or just want to travel anywhere try picking at random. You could put some of your favorite cities to travel to in a jar, pick one out, and travel there.

There doesn’t have to be serious planning or crazy travel schedules, just you, your friends and an open mind to just have fun.

An Amusement Park


Are you and your friends the adventure type? Then traveling to the nearest amusement park will be your perfect getaway. Almost every state has some sort of fix for your rollercoaster riding and waterpark sliding needs.

Even if you decide to travel far to your favorite park like Disney World, you will have memories to cherish that will last you all for life.

A State Park



If you and your friends are more the explorer type try checking out your local state park. It will be a nice trip away from the city hustle and bustle and give you guys the retreat you need.

No matter if it’s just a day trip or you decide to camp nearby, traveling to your local state park will give you the fix you need before jumping back into school.

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