Colorful Places Around The US For The Best Instagram Aesthetics

When it comes to having your Instagram on point, people take different directions as what they want their “aesthetic” to be. Some people love more grungy stuff while others like something to brighten up their page. If you’re one for color, here is a list of places to check out to make your Instagram page POP!

San Francisco, California

This one comes to no surprise with San Francisco being famous for their uphill streets with funky looking apartments and homes paraded up the hills.

Charleston, South Carolina

A down south gem, Charleston has an undeniable charm with houses that have colorful shutters and horse-drawn carriages, can leave you with a gorgeous picture.

North Shore, Oahu

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places to visit but it is specifically in North Shore, Oahu that is flooded with color. From fruit carts to different shops and surfboards hanging from racks, you’re guaranteed a beautiful picture.

Palm Springs, California

This warm weathered city in the middle of the desert has a plethora of colors and a cutesy feel to it. Surrounded by different plants and colorful homes/hotels, it’s something you can’t get anywhere else.

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

A city full of culture and that’s vibrant with pride, Old San Juan is soothing and quaint. The mix of colors of creamy pastels and sandy whites accompanied by plants and flowers to decorate the areas and its cobblestone streets can really warm up your IG feed.

New Orleans, Louisiana

One of the most vibrant and electric places in the US, New Orleans still is rooted in so much history and traditions and that does not seem to be missed as you walk along the streets. Balconies hanging overhead with the bustling sounds of people and music sinks you deep into this city’s beauty.

Unique Places That Will Make Your Instagram Look Incredible
Unique Places That Will Make Your Instagram Look Incredible
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