18 Cooking And Baking Skills You Must Know

So maybe you are new to the cooking and baking scene or you’re just looking to suit up on some of the most basic cooking skills. It’s always easier just to buy your meals but you can save so much money by cooking on your own. We have some essential skills you need to have in your back pocket in order to successfully live your best food life when you don’t know where to start.

Grocery Shopping

So everyone is capable of grocery shopping (and spending a lot) but be sure to know how to budget and how to plan a healthy grocery trip before you go out there.

Knife Skills

Make sure to go out of your way to learn basic cutting techniques so you don’t hurt yourself while using your knives. A simple technique can save you a trip to the doctor or hospital.

Kitchen Safety

The United States Department of Agriculture has training materials for all age groups on kitchen safety-be sure to check it out. Also always keep first aid in mind in case anything does go wrong in the kitchen (cuts, burns etc.)

How To Use Kitchen Appliances

If you’re in a dorm this one may be difficult but keep your eye out for kitchen appliances you may like you want to learn how to use. They can make all the difference.

How To Measure And Weigh Your Ingredients

Measuring and weighing your ingredients properly can make a world’s difference in your recipes. Be sure to learn how to properly measure ingredients and weigh them too to make your recipes fire.

Cutting And Doubling Recipes

Some recipes you find may be made for a group of people or for one serving. Learn how to cut or double recipes so you can get the portions outright without ruining or altogether abandoning the recipe.

Making A Casserole

A casserole is the best dish to bring to a party or to host guests with. You can make a casserole with almost anything and the sooner you have a signature casserole the better.

Cooking Meats

If you’re vegan or vegetarian this won’t apply to you, but it is important to know how to properly cook your meats. You don’t want to get sick so make sure you learn about internal temperature, and different levels you can cook meat.

Cooking Veggies And Fruits

There are so many veggies and fruits out there and they are so good. Once you learn how to cook and season them you’ll have so many options.

How To Cook Eggs

Eggs are a breakfast staple. There are so many ways to cook them and once you learn some of the methods, you can have a variety of eggs in your life.

How To Cook Pasta And Grains

Pasta and other grains are essential to a diet. Once you learn how to cook pasta and other grains there are so many dishes you can make.

How To Make Dressings And Sauces

Although both dressings and sauces can be purchased premade, they often taste better when made from the heart.

Basic Baking

Learn how to make some basics from scratch-such as cookies, brownies and cakes. We promise it will be worth it!


Whether you drink of preference is a lemonade, orange juice, tea, coffee or alcohol we promise it will be worth the effort into making drinks on your own. There is nothing better than homemade lemonade and the taste will be worth the effort (and knowing what exactly goes into your drink).


Yes time-management skills apply to the kitchen. Learn how to best cook different parts of your dish so they finish around the same time so you don’t have to be waiting around.


Learn how to best store and freeze your food. This way you can cook ahead of time in bulk or not let any food go to waste.

How To Clean The Kitchen

This may seem obvious, but there are specific ways that you should learn to clean your kitchen so it stays in the best shape. Try to clean as you go, clean areas that come in contact with raw meat and how to clean appliances. Cleaning skills will also keep you healthy and your guests happy.

Failure Is Good

Failure in the kitchen can be discouraging, but keep in mind that cooking is a learning experience. When you make a mistake (such as a way too much salt or burning something) you know what to do next time in order to set yourself up for success.

We hope this list of cooking skills makes your cooking game stronger (and yummier).

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