Here Are The Best Memes Of 2018 — So Far

Raise your hand if you love and appreciate a good meme!  I do!  While we still have some time left in 2018, we have had some hilarious, awesome and relatable memes to LOL at. Cardi B, buff Kim K, government surveillance… the list is endless!

Let’s take a look at the best memes we’ve seen so far this year!

Best Memes

How close you are to losing it.

Cardi B‘s face and this confusing interview at the Grammys!

The Justin Timberlake, selfie, kid at the Superbowl, hahaha.

This kid was everywhere for a bit! Cheers to being the last generation that knows who Justin Timberlake is.

Kylie’s baby!!!

Buff Kim K.

Everything and anything with government surveillance.

3 words: Fergie’s National Anthem.

When the wrong song comes ON!

Cardi B rocking out to her own song is all of our mood’s.

Out of breath Sponge Bob!

The sweet, little Yodeling Walmart boy!

Another Sponge Bob!

This Royal Wedding Meme!

The one that hurts your brain.

This squinting girl that was everywhere!

Ihop’s infamous name switch!

Anything with Kim Jong-un.

This is everywhere now!


Lah Kwah!

This one is sooooo spot on!

When Kylie took out her lip fillers…

This P.Diddy meme that’s actually hilarious.


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