Important Things You’ll Learn Your First Semester Of College

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Your first semester at college is going to be full of surprises and lessons. Some may even say it’s going to be one of the most fun times of your life. Things are going to happen that you never would have expected, and you are going to learn things about yourself you never knew. You’ll be adapting to being independent and in a new environment which will lead to change and growth in the process.

College gets way less intimidating if you know what to expect, and after your first semester you’ll definitely have picked up on some useful tips. To help you prepare for what’s coming, here are the 15 things you are sure to learn during your first semester, and what you should take away from them!

Class Is Not A Fashion Show

Maybe in high school, you rocked the cutest trends, but college is a little different. The first few weeks, of course, you’re going to want to show off all the new clothes you bought, but after a while, you’ll start to care more about making it to that eight thirty more than picking out what to wear. Being completely honest people basically, live 24/7 in sweatpants and leggings.

This doesn’t mean you won’t get a chance to show off your style! You have the weekends to spend an extra 20 minutes in the mirror and making use of all the clothes you brought.

The Laundry Room Is A War-zone

No matter how nice your dorm-mates may seem, the kindheartedness and pleasantries all end in one place: the laundry room. If there’s anything that living in a dorm will teach you, it’s that you’re going to need to plan your laundry time very efficiently or you may be going days without a clean pair of socks, and no one wants that.

From stolen clothes to your laundry getting dumped on top of a machine because you were just a minute late getting it out of the dryer, it’s best to follow a strict schedule in the laundry room. Be timely, be quick and, of course, respect others laundry time if you want that respect in return.

Shower Shoes Are A Must

College showers are breeding grounds for bacteria. You’ll learn soon enough that shower shoes are an absolute must if you’re living in a dorm, especially if your campus cleanliness leaves something to be desired. Wearing flip-flops in the shower will keep your feet and your floor-mates’ feet safe, which will add to the overall happiness of your floor. Not to mention that you will soon become “that girl” if you’re the only one going barefoot down the hall in your towel. Bottom line? Wear those flip-flops!

Cereal For Dinner Will Become Normal

Coming home for your first break from college will make you realize that there is nothing better than a home-cooked meal. Don’t expect the dining halls to have gourmet meals, cause they won’t. When all else fails you can always count on cereal. If you refuse to settle get creative in your dorm! See what kind of appliances are allowed in your room and rack up a great list of dorm recipes to use on a daily basis.

Your Orientation Friends May Not Be Your Forever Friends

The girls in your Facebook albums and Instas are going to be way different in December than they were in August, and that’s okay. You shouldn’t feel like the girl you instantly became best friends with because you both were paired up for some orientation week activity has to be your best friend for the next four years or let alone the next week.

True friendships grow organically and can’t be forced because you room with or have the same class as someone. Although it’s somewhat scary to think about, it really is as easy as just introducing yourself to people on your floor or in your dorm and figuring out whom you really click with. Some of the best relationships are created with your roommates and neighbors.

Work Piles Up Quickly

You’ll realize during your first semester that you really cannot push things off or procrastinate in college. The time between the beginning and the end of the semester is broken up by midterms, tests, quizzes, projects and your social life. That basically means that if you’re not on top of homework, studying and outside reading, you’ll find yourself scrambling to catch up.

Without planning and organizing in college, life is practically chaos. So what does all this mean? College is obviously a time for fun, friends and Friday nights, but it’s also a time that will shape the rest of your life. Basically, you need to figure out what the best balance of school life and social life is for you. Oh, and it would probably be a good idea to invest in a planner.

Of course, you’ll learn so much after your first semester, but these few tips will make the years ahead way more manageable! most importantly college flies by so make sure you take advantage of every second!

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