Shakira, Britney, Taylor – Three Songbird Celebrities Continuing to Bling Boredom

As music makes the world go round, so does lack of free time give reign to boredom. As songbird celebrities fight for your ear in the music industry some have already taken the war into the app gaming arena and are gathering armies. Bob Dorough does say, three is the magic number, and that warrants no disagreement. In light of this, here are three songbirds whose apps are still able to ward off the spell of boredom.

1. Shakira – Love Rocks

Whenever, wherever you feel the boredom creeping on you, then you can be sure to count on Sharika being near with her game App Love Rocks. Although it was released in 2015, it seems this app still has its appeal by allowing you to venture into the match-three gameplay where your gems are your greatest treasure. This title resembles popular online slot Starburst, where matching three similar items equates to reward time. Meanwhile, Love Rocks allows you to see, and attempt to beat, the scores of other players, including Shakira’s own personal game score.

2. Britney Spears –  American Dream

While most people would have loved to see Katy Perry thrash Britney in the war of apps, it was the queen of toxic that proved she had the eye of the tiger after all. This left Katy to be the one holding her tongue and losing her roar. Beef aside, American Dream is the kind of game you can say does what it says on the box, well app. It makes you experience the life of a pop star in its full stereotypical glory. You can bling yourself up for auditions with glamorous attire, sing to your heart’s content as you climb the ladder to success, all the while performing on various stages. Be prepared to get hit one more time with fancy cars, mansions of envy and all the real paraphernalia that every pop star needs to get their singing mojo.

3. Taylor Swift – The Swift Life

For the iPhone users who want to play… play… play then it’s time to stop shaking off and getting it on with Taylor Swift – The SwiftLife. Granted it is a bit disappointing that this game is only available to iPhone users, especially if you are an android using Swiftie and need your fix, nonetheless the Taymojies makes the bitterness sweet. This app is designed to be more social than the previous two as it’s all about making yourself stand out in order to get Swiftsends. These coveted posts are so desirable due to their ability to get you just a little closer to Taylor’s approval. Besides this, users are able to collect plenty of Taymojties by completing various tasks. Keep entertained by reading what other Swifties are posting and don’t forget to get posting yourself.

At the end of the day, gaming apps are designed to fun and keep you entertained and experimentation often leads to the preferred choice.

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