Taylor Swift Is Embracing The Snake On National Snake Day

This week was the second anniversary of Kim Kardashian calling Taylor Swift a snake. The video went viral, the internet collectively freaked out and it gave a new meaning to the word snake. The incident that allegedly cost Swift her reputation happened two years ago and she’s still holding on to it.

She was spotted wearing a snakeskin bag on the anniversary (coincidence?) and during her concert in Cleveland she declared, “Happy National Snake Day, my favorite day of the year.”

Swift hasn’t just embraced the snake on its national holiday. Her “Reputation Tour stage” is littered with larger than life reptiles, she continually references the incident in her album Reputation and has designated a whole era to her new “bad girl” reputation that was sparked from the video Kardashian posted.

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At the beginning of her tour, she talks about being bullied online. “A couple years ago, someone called me a snake on social media and it caught on,” she said on stage. “And then a lot of people called me a lot of names on social media. And I went through some really low times for a whole because of it.”

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On top of that Swift’s fans, Swifties started a hashtag #KimApologizeToTaylor on the anniversary. Swifties are die-hard stans, so they, of course, went in on Kardashian.

#KimApologizeToTaylor you shamed a woman for doing nothing but living her own life and many death threats and online bullying β€œjokes” ensued. as a grown woman you should apologize for causing the hate that taylor swift has been receiving from late 2016 to present day.

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Two years ago on July 17, 2016, Kardashian posted a video of her husband Kanye West on the phone with Swift. In the clip, it shows West playing Swift the verse from his song “Famous” and her giving her stamp of approval.

But when the song dropped Swift bashed it saying she didn’t approve of it. After the video, she refined her story to say she never approve of the word “b***h.”

Kardashian’s fans and the internet, in general, came for Swift calling her a snake and flooding her Instagram comments with the snake emoji. The backlash was so bad that Instagram created the option to turn off comments for Swift. Jennifer Lopez created Google Image Search and Swift created the turn off option on Instagram comments.

Reclaiming the word is a powerful move, so it makes sense that Swift is embracing the snake label. But the issue is that Swift hasn’t decided if she’s playing the villain or the victim. If she’s going to embrace the snake nickname then she has to own up to her actions and be the bad girl she now declares that she is. But most of her jabs about the incident are about being bullied and the victim. Both reactions are valid, but they don’t coincide with one another. You can’t be a bad girl while also throwing a pity party.

In her song “Look What You Made Me Do” she sings about how West made her play the fool and that his karma will come. She declares that the old Taylor is dead and the new Taylor is tougher, stronger and not the sweet innocent country girl we all knew before.

She wants to be the victim but also wants to embrace being a snake. So which is it?

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