7 Must-Have Beach Products You Had No Idea You Needed Until Now

Summer is in full swing which means beach getaways are a must. No matter if you’ve lived by the beach your whole life or are going to the beach for the first time ever you always have some goodies to bring with. Some beach necessities include; sunscreen, towels, snacks, drinks, etc. all these make for the perfect beach day.

Where all those items are necessary, what if you were missing out on some essential items you never even knew about? We pulled together 7 of the best beach gadgets you probably had no idea about but will be totally buying them for your next beach getaway.

Sand-Proof Beach Towel

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We love the beach but we hate bringing the sand home with us! Now we don’t have to worry about that thanks to our Lewonde beach blanket we found on @amazon 🙌🏼 The blanket is made from nylon material and it keeps sand from embedding. It shakes off or wipes off very easily and it is also waterproof. The blanket is as large as a queen size comforter. The bag is attached to it so you can just roll it back up and fold it into the bag. It also comes with pegs to pin it down and stay in place for those windy days! There are also pockets to fill with sand or rocks for weights. It is easy to clean and does not get hot when laying out on the beach. Link to shop: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072JJB9PG #ad

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What’s worse than packing up from a long day at the beach than having to shake out your towels covered in sand? Instead of having to take home a beach towel covered in sand, try a sand-proof beach towel instead.

They are super big and resist sand so you won’t have to worry about you leaving a trail of beach dust once you go. Check out beach blankets out here.

Sand Coaster

When you go to the beach, the first thing you want to do is crack open a cold one or sip on some lemonade, but finding a place to put your drinks is always a struggle. Instead of having to stick your cold drink in the sand buy some of these sand coasters.

They come in different shapes and sizes to fit any drink you might have. All you have to do is stick them in the sand and set your drink right inside, check some out here.

Beach Towel Clips

Beach towel clips are something you don’t know you need until you have them. They help keep your towel from sliding down your beach or pool chair just by clipping them around the towel and chair, check them out here.

Don’t feel like buying clips for your towel, try making a DIY towel clip by using a clothespin or a hair claw clip instead.

Roll-On Sunscreen Applicator

No one likes to put on sunscreen, whether it’s the lotion that feels greasy and sticky or the spray that never seems to really protect you, either way, sunscreen application isn’t the most exciting part of going to the beach.

Where it’s not the most exciting part, it is one of the most important ways to keep your skin from sun damage and sunburn. The BlokRok is a super easy sunscreen roll-on applicator, it’s mess-free, and all you have to do is roll it on and go. Check it out here.

Oversized Beach Towel

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If you’re any taller than five feet you’ve probably experienced this before, you lay out on your towel and either your feet get covered in sand, or your hair gets coated in sand. Sometimes standard beach towels aren’t long enough to fit your whole body on the beach, and no one wants to be laying entirely in the sand.

Oversized beach towels are now made to help the tallest of the tall or just the average height person to stay entirely in the towel while they’re enjoying their sunbathing on the beach. Check out a few different designs here.

The Beach Glass

Similar to the sand coaster, the beach glass allows you to carry your drink around at the beach. Most beaches have a no glass policy, but the beach glass is a shatter-proof glass that has an extended stem so that you can stick it in the sand without getting your glass sandy.

Sit back and relax while drinking a nice glass of wine on the beach with your beach glass here.

Sand-Proof Beach Bag

Everyone brings some sort of beach bag along with them when they go to the beach. It holds items like your sunscreen, cell phone, flip-flops and any other items you choose to bring along. However, the worst part about bringing just any old bag, usually means sand is going to make its way inside.

Instead of bringing whatever bag you have, try investing in a few different sized sand-proof beach bags. They will still hold everything you need while keeping the sand out. Check them out here.

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