Best Free Date Ideas For The Summer

Sometimes you can feel like you’re in a bit of a rut when trying to figure out things to do for dates with your significant other. Money can be the bulk of the issue with it not always being so accessible sometimes due to responsibilities and situations in our life. However, that doesn’t mean is the end of the world. We’re here to help you out with some amazing summer date ideas that will come at $0 cost!

Go On A Hike

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Going on hikes is not only cost-free but it can get you moving and exercising. Especially during the summer when the days are warm and beautiful outside.

Find Some Free Concerts

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Finding free concerts during the summer are huge events that are put on in different places across the country from New York to LA, you can definitely find some near or around you to attend this summer.

Do A Beach Day

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Build some sand castles, go for a swim, tan and soak up the sun together and pack some food from home in a bag so you can fully enjoy the day without spending too much!

Plan A Game Night

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If you wanna enjoy the company of friends and family as well, invite some people over to play some board games for some friendly competition! Set out some snacks and become invested in some fun games!

Volunteer Together

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Help those in need including animal shelters that might need support in a pet adoption event or simply to walk some dogs. Not only will you be helping others but doing it together can make you feel like more a team!

Go To Expensive Open Houses


Throw on a nice cocktail dress and a button up with some slacks and a tie. Attending open houses are completely free and you get the luxury of being able to attend some with big, gorgeous homes with maybe some free food involved too!

Have A Movie Marathon

Sometimes you just wanna stay in and bask in the AC on some serious hot summer days. What best way to spend it then cuddled next to your beau, plethora of blankets and pillows, and all the snacks/food you can eat.

Camping In Your Backyard

With the luxury of your home only being feet away from you but also having the outdoor space can really make it a fun and exciting experience with the ability to roast marshmallows, have long night talks, and really bond together.

Have A Picnic

Throwing together a picnic can be super easy and fun. Grab a blanket, make some homemade food and grab some fruit with your small cooler filled with drinks and make your way to your favorite local park to spend the day in some nature and basking in the summer.

Food and Wine Tasting

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Something more classic and enriching. Look up some places that are hosting some free food and wine tasting. You’ll be surprised at how many places can pop up and even if it’s not on a day you wanna go, you can plan for it if it’s for another day! One future date out of the way!

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