9 Foods High In Probiotics To Help You Stay Healthy






Probiotics are often only discussed on connection to keeping you healthy when taking antibiotics–as antibiotics strip your body of both bad and good bacterias leaving you highly susceptible to tummy troubles and yeast infections.

However, probiotics are actually a nutrition staple of a proper diet, as your body needs help replenishing this good bacteria all the time. These gut-boosting bacterias aid your digestion, boost energy levels, clear up your skin and improve your immune system. Read on to find nine foods you should be eating to add probiotics to your diet!

1. Greek Yogurt


Greek yogurt is a powerhouse food. Yogurt intake has been directly associated with better overall diet quality as it is an excellent source of calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin B2 and vitamin B12. Be wary of types with high sugar contents and try to stick to organic and raw brands.

2. Kombucha


This fermented tea tastes like fruity seltzer–but is so much better for you. Kombucha has amazingly good bacteria and B vitamins as well as the ability to reduce bloating.


3. Apple Cider Vinegar


Mix this one in with other foods because it has a strong taste. Apple cider vinegar is a big help with digestion and some claim it helps shed pounds–including daily vinegar drinkers Kourtney Kardashian and Miranda Kerr.

4. Sauerkraut & Kimchi


Fermented cabbage sounds a little funky but these sandwich toppings are actually pretty yummy. Fermented with strains of beneficial lactic acid bacteria, these will give you a big probiotic boost.

5. Pickles


Less intense-tasting than sauerkraut, pickles are also fermented and packed with probiotics. No wonder Snooki loves them so much. Just be wary of their high sodium content.


6. Miso


This sushi started is full of probiotics as it contains a base of fermented soybeans made from “starter” lactic acids. Pass me a spoon, please!

7. Kefir


This Icelandic yogurt drink packs the protein and probiotic punch of yogurt–but in drinkable form!

8. Tempeh


This fermented soy meat alternative is a hit with vegans–it contains a massive amount of protein (20 grams!) and a healthy dose of probiotics.


9. Fermented Cheeses


Gouda, cheddar, and Swiss are all made with lactic acid bacteria and can contain high amounts of probiotics. Grilled cheese anyone?

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