The Psychological Meaning Behind Beauty Nightmares

So you might’ve just woken up from a nightmare that left you sweaty and disoriented. Maybe it had to do with your looks and beauty. That is the worst.

POPSUGAR recently did an interview with Cathy Pagano, a Jungian psychologist, astrologer and dream interpreter. Pagano encouraged everyone to take a deep look into their nightmares and gave us a deeper meaning behind some of those nightmares.

Beauty nightmares may at first seem to be all about the looks (you teeth falling out can be a scary thought and possible sight to see in yourself) but those dreams often have a deeper emotion reasoning behind them.

Pagano says that a dream interpreter can only cover the surface of your dream and you must be the one to shape your interpretation. Read on to find out general meanings behind your beauty nightmares and keep your eyes open.

Teeth Falling Out


So think about what your teeth are meant to do: chew. Pagano says “when you dream about them falling out, it means that you don’t have the capacity to integrate whatever life is sending your way.”

So maybe you’re in a relationship that is failing but you’ve yet to break it off. Perhaps you unsatisfied with your job but don’t have the motivation to look for a new one. Basically, you’re not truly experiencing your emotions. Rather you’re just going through the motions.

Hair Falls Out Or Gets Cut


Hair is essential to your body–it never stops growing. If you dream that it falls out Pagano says “it means that there’s an essential part of you that you’re losing touch with.” Maybe you’ve given up on a hobby you love or your getting drowned in work or a relationship.

A haircut could symbolize that you want a life change, perhaps you want to show who you really are.

Another explanation according to Pagano is that you talk too much, “to cut our hair means to cut short some of our thoughts.” Maybe your struggling with the words behind a project or you are finding how to confront someone. Pagano says to avoid the details and cut to the chase on what you want.

A Bad Rash


Pagano says that this dream could mean that something in your life is making you feel vulnerable. Perhaps you’re feeling dreadful from horrifying world events or headlines.

It could also be something in your personal life such as a toxic relationship or office bully. These things can feel like they spread and take over you.

A Massive Pimple


Think of what a pimple is: an impurity. Pagano explains “there’s something going on that needs to be released, but you’re not letting it go.” This could be anything toxic, whether a friend, partner, alcohol or not eating right.

But be warned, this nightmare could also mean you’re at the end of a rope. Pagano says, “no matter what your dream is a metaphor for, it means there [is] a toxin in your life that cannot be ignored any longer.”

Your Eye Gets Poked Out


Pay attention to which eye is getting poked out. If the right eye is poked it means you’re not seeing things logically. Maybe you agreed to take a month vacation, but you’re realizing you may not be able to afford that time off.

If the left eye is getting poked out it means you’re not able to see things with imagination. Maybe you’re looking at things too logically and not embracing your spontaneous self. So go out and get those creative juices flowing; try bullet journaling for example.

If someone you know if poking your eye out, you might be losing trust in them. According to Pagano “someone might be trying to pull something over on you.” And if you’re poking your own eyes out then there is an issue that you’re choosing to avoid: please face it.

Naked In Public


This is the classic nightmare you have heard about or have seen in movies and TV shows alike for a reason. Your clothes can represent a persona you’ve trying to be and that attitude sheds when the clothes come off.

“When you’re naked, you can only express the truth of your body- and that can make you feel vulnerable.” Maybe you’re looking for ways to truly be yourself-and that can be scary. But once you stop there’s no going back.

Knowing the meaning behind these dreams will bring you some mental clarity. Try to rotate self-care practices into your daily routine for happier dreaming. Sweet Dreams!

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