The 10 Heartwarming Anniversary Gift Ideas

Every relationship has its own challenges, although gift-giving should not be one of them. Yes, selecting the perfect present for your S.O. without breaking the bank can be tricky, but a little research on the internet will yield hundreds of brilliant gift ideas. Fortunately, we’ve completed the hard work for you. Below is a list of 10  heartwarming anniversary gift ideas. Keep love alive.

1.Our Q&A a Day Journal

Girl writing


This $13 purchase from asks a question for every day of the year (for three years), with enough space for two people to write a one- or two-sentence response. Questions include “Where would you like to travel with your partner?” and “What does your partner’s laugh sound like?”

2. Where We’ve Been World Map

travel sightseeing world destinations


Draw on it, write on it, put pushpins in it or color it! Customize this $30 world map however you want in order to commemorate all the destinations that you and your loved one have to travel to.

3. Portable Smartphone Photo Printer

Girl on phone


At $130, this portable smartphone photo printer is a much larger investment than the other gifts on this list. However, if you and your S.O. make for a photo-happy couple, then this present is well worth the expense.

4. A Plush Heart

Gift Gifts Valentine's Day


Because giving your own heart would cause a number of complications, give this $22 plush heart instead.

5. Long-distance Touch Lamps


These devices sync to Wi-Fi and change color when one is touched, making them excellent gifts for a long-distance relationship.

6. A Bouquet of Flowers or…

giving flowers


7. A Bouquet of Kittens (or Puppies)


Think beyond the traditional bouquet of flowers and give a plush bouquet of either kittens or puppies available from for $30.

8. Sihlouette Movie Quote Prints

Celebrate several of the greatest movie romances of all time with these $16 prints avaible from Etsy.

9. Customized Framed Diorama

internship boss present holiday


These geeky framed diarams pay tribute to your favorite fandom while also paying tribute to your loved one.

10. What I Love About You



This $7 pocket-sized fill-in-the-blank book includes 50 prompts such as “when we are apart, it makes me happy to think about _____” and “if you were a holiday, you’d be _____.”

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