10 Problems You’ve Probably Never Had To Experience As A Gen-Z

Let’s face it Millennials, we’re getting old, and that means we have to talk about our childhood memories like our parents did to us, starting every sentence with, “Well back in the day…” The new generation of “Gen-Z” has it so easy, from the Internet, iPhones and well pretty much everything.

No more printing out Mapquest Maps to get to your friends birthday party or having to wait until someone returns your favorite movies at Blockbuster, it’s as simple as Apple Maps and movie service streaming for Gen-Z.

Check out 10 struggles everyone had to deal with in the mid 90’s that Gen-Z won’t ever understand.

Print Out Everything


There was no luxury of GPS systems or Apple Maps back in the day, which means you had to print out everything important.

If you needed to get somewhere, print out directions. If you bought movie tickets, print them out. And of course, if you had a killer wish list for your birthday, you always printed that out too.

Only One Person At A Time Could Use The Internet


Today your whole family could be on their computers, iPhones and be watching Netflix on TV all at the same time.

Before, only one person could be on the Internet at all or else the connection would drop or if you were lucky it would take at least 20 minutes for your webpage to open.

When Blockbuster Didn’t Have Your Favorite Movie In Stock


Let’s all take a moment to remember our beloved Blockbuster Video stores. Nothing was more fun as a kid than going to rent your favorite movie at Blockbuster, absolutely nothing.

However, nothing was more disappointing than getting there and realizing your favorite movie was out of stock.

Sending Chain Emails In Fear Of What Would Happen If You Didn’t


Gen-Z won’t ever remember the struggle of “having to send 15 of your friends this email or else you will be single forever.”

Flip Phone Selfies


Today you just have to whip out your iPhone X or brand new Samsung Galaxy and take a perfect selfie.

Back in the day, you had to take selfies with your flip phone’s only camera on the back of the phone and pray that your face would be in the picture.

Netflix Via Mail


When Netflix first came out you had to go on the Internet and pick out what movies you wanted to watch, then wait a few days for your DVD’s to come in the mail.

Today all you have to do turn on your SmartTV or open the Netflix App and enjoy all your favs in no time at all.

Trying To Keep Your Tamagotchi Alive During School


Gen-Z will never be able to fully understand the love 90’s kids did for Tamagotchis.

However, it was always a guessing game to see how long yours would last, especially if you brought yours to school and could only play under your desk or during your bathroom breaks.

Continually Having To Clean Your Computer Mouse


Today there are touchpads and wireless computer mouses that hook up to your computer via Bluetooth, simple right?

Well back in the day, you had to constantly unplug your mouse and take out the parts because they were total dust and dirt magnets.

Having To Call Yourself To Listen To Your Voicemails


Who remembers having to call yourself and enter your four-digit pin number just to listen to voicemails your friends would send you about where to meet for night games or when your parents would want you home?

Oh, that’s right, not Gen-Z.

When Your TV Weighed… A Ton


TV’s today weight nothing compared to the giant box TV’s you had as a 90’s kid.

It took you and at least three friends to move it, that is if you wanted to risk picking it up and dropping it on your toes.

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