Huda Beauty’s New Internet Challenge Is Giving The Winner A $5,000 Scholarship

Huda Beauty is combining beauty and scholarships, which are all of our favorite things. Huda Kattan, the makeup lines founder, announced a scholarship that you could win if you participate in her new #ElevatorMakeupChallenge.

On July 18 she posted a video of herself doing full glam makeup in a single elevator ride. She filmed herself going bare face into the elevator then doing foundation, contour lips and false lashes before the ride ended.

She wants her fans to partake in the challenge and post their own elevator beats. But unlike other viral internet challenges (looking at #InMyFeelingsChallenge) there will be a winner. According to her Instagram post, a single winner will win $5,000 for a “makeup training, makeup kit, (whatever you want)!” If you’re not an aspiring MUA don’t worry you can still participate. If you win you can donate the $5,000 to charity.

The only requirements to enter is to do your entire makeup in a single elevator ride from the top floor to bottom floor. If you’re smart, pick an elevator that has lots of floors.

Then upload your video with the hashtag #ElevatorMakeupChallenge between July 18 and July 27 before 23:59 GMT, which is 7:59 P.M. EST.

After the contest, Huda will be picking three finalists and then her fans will be able to vote for their favorite #ElevatorMakeupChallenge on her blog. You can vote for your favorite finalist on July 30 and 31 and whoever receives the most votes will win.

Huda has been posting her fave entries on her feed and some of them are impressive. These ladies are fully prepped with makeup belts and the ability to contour their faces in seconds. One even did it while holding her baby! Literally, how?

If you think have what it takes, you could win $5,000.

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