Shay Mitchell’s Guide To Flawless Skin

It is kind of unfair that every celebrity has close-to perfect skin, don’t you think? There is no denying that they have access to the best dermatologists and facialists, which helps out their skin looking smooth as a baby’s bum tremendously. Of course, a regular person like me doesn’t have the money or connections to have a top dermatologist look at my skin or to get a three hundred dollar facial every other week. There has to be an affordable way to get that celebrity glow, right?  Well, here comes Shay Mitchell to the rescue. Mitchell recently revealed her skincare secrets to Glamour, and her answers were to no surprise down-to-earth and realistic.

Her best piece of advice she shared was to make sure you have a regular routine. It is crucial in wanting the smooth and healthy skin we all desire. But her skincare products are probably a couple of hundred dollars a piece, right? Wrong. Mitchell’s favorite products in her routine can be found at most drugstores!

“Be sure to wash your face off – all your makeup, gone – completely every night,” she said. “I love the Bioré Charcoal Cleanser. It’s my go-to. And then I make sure to exfoliate at least once a week. It doesn’t matter how much makeup you have on top, you need to start with a good clean canvas. Oh, and wear sunscreen all the time. You need it whether you’re inside or outside!”

Not to mention, this product is not even six dollars off Amazon. If that isn’t a steal, then I don’t know what is.

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Mitchell is definitely one of the celebrities that has access to the top dermatologists and facialists, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like treating herself. When she doesn’t have time to book an appointment with a professional, she loves to do her own routine at home.

“I love to have my own at-home spa day,” she said.”I’ll start by steaming my skin over a big bowl of hot water with lemon. I’ll throw a towel over my head. Then I’ll do a one-minute self-heat mask. I set the environment so it feels like I’m re-creating a spa at my house too.”

Mitchell also said that this way of treating her skin is much cheaper and easier, and can turn into a fun activity to do with friends. I have to start telling my friends that we can treat ourselves like Shay Mitchell can, they will have a field day with this one.


It is nice to hear that the 31-year-old beauty mogul is actually aware of the issues within the beauty industry these days. She believes that we all have a reason to celebrate our differences and that it is important to do so.

“All the filters on social media we use, everybody is so concerned about looking like that in real life,” she explained. “I think those are fun, but let’s all realize that they’re filters. It’s actually beautiful when you can see lines and different things that set us apart. Having everybody be themselves is something that should be celebrated.”

Mitchell was not always this confident and comfortable in her own skin, which is hard to believe. She too has struggled with all of us have: beauty, self-confidence, and acceptance. Mitchell was never fully comfortable with her Filipino heritage in high school, which is why she tried so hard to blend in with the others. She even tried dying her hair blonde, wore color contacts, and avoided the sun to keep her skin pale to fit in. Mitchell recently confessed to Refinery 29 that trying to become someone she wasn’t was her biggest beauty mistake of all time.

“When I looked at magazines, I thought, ‘I don’t look like any of these girls,'” she said. “In high school, you’re comparing yourself to other people, you’re growing up to a rapid pace, and everything is kind of new.”

Amen to that, sister!


Mitchell is a huge influence to all girls out there, which is empowering that she uses her fame to encourage girls to embrace their self-persona.

“Celebrate your unique look, whatever that is,” she said. “Celebrate that, make it yours. For me, makeup isn’t about hiding anything — it’s about accentuating your natural beauty.”

Mitchell’s advocating advice should be followed by all. No matter where you come from and what you look like, you should portray yourself the way you are to the world. The pressure gets real from peers and internet to look a certain way, which is why so many people struggle with being themselves. Hopefully, more celebrities like Mitchell will be outspoken on this topic and share options for healthy skincare for those on a budget. It’s not easy growing up in this day in age, which is refreshing that someone like Mitchell understands and spreads only good vibes.

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