5 Stages Every Girl Goes Through On Their Birthday




A girl’s birthday is a week-long holiday!  And if it’s they’re 21st? Ahh, it’s a total extravaganza!  With a girl’s birthday comes the celebration, planning, the outfit, the Instagrams, endless photo ops and few bumps in the road along the way. It’s actually a huge deal and it’s usually an extra af experience.

Let’s take a look at 5 stages that every girl goes through on her birthday!

Picking an outfit…

birthday celebration


This is the hardest part because you need something that will look great on Instagram.  You want something that will look good with a crown or sash.  Usually, a standout color so people know you’re the birthday girl! And you’ll always want to finish it off with gorgeous, uncomfy and way too high of heels.

Dealing with all the last minute stragglers.


UGH! Figuring out where to celebrate is actually the easy part. If you reply the night before or the day of that you can’t come, you suck. You’re already stressed out trying to organize everything and it’s your birthday!

Picture time!

5 stages every girl goes through on their birthday


You have to post a bomb Instagram picture so every know knows you’re celebrating! You already have on a great outfit so here’s to hoping your friends get you the number balloons so you can take the perfect picture!

Party Time!


You’re having the best time, you’re not stressed, you’re drinking, taking pictures and flirting. It’s your holiday, you’re the queen and life is good. Everyone has to know that it’s your birthday!!

Being hot, mess express the next day.


Being the birthday girl is hard and you’ll pay for it the next morning! You’ll talk with all your friends about how the night went and you’ll still be a tad miffed about who ditched at the last minute. It’s definitely not as glamorous and it’s sort of sad because the celebration is over!

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