6 Best Websites For Stress Relief & Distraction

We have definitely all had those days that just require a distraction. Whether it’s from stress about school, life or friends, everyone needs a break. Whatever it may be, a really great mental health trick to keep a couple distracting websites in your back pocket. Here are some of my favorite websites that are perfect by distraction hashed out by category.

1. Procatinator

Best for: Quick distraction and lifting your spirits.

This is the go-to site for a quick little distraction and a guaranteed smile because it’s just so gosh-darn wonderfully random. Every time you refresh the page, you will be greeted by a new cat gif and a new song to accompany it. I found this site in middle school (classic), and it’s definitely one I won’t be letting go of any time soon.

2. Sporcle

Best for: A BIG distraction, when you wanna feel all smart and distractions with friends.

Sporcle has been my savior on multiple occasions. It’s a quiz site, and you can take quizzes on just about anything you can dream up. It’s a little different from Buzzfeed quizzes in that it’s actually based in fact. So, no, you can’t find out what flavor cheesecake you are based on your underwear color. But, you can name all the lyrics in any One Direction song or try to list out every country you remember in Africa. It’s pretty limitless. Beware: this can easily turn into a rabbit hole, so if you’re pressed for time, maybe save this one for a different distraction.

3. Meme Accounts

Best for: When you need a laugh, before bed distractions and distractions to send to friends.

This one is for the memers. I find Instagram to be one of the best ways to find good memes. Twitter can sometimes be a gamble, but these IG accounts have consistently made me and my mom laugh, so that’s always a good sign. @Middleclassfancy is a dry humor account that makes fun of mundane middle-aged folk. @Yourmomsatonmyface has classic trending memes and are often brutally relatable. Most relatable though is @Brittanyfurlan. She was once a huge Vine star (R.I.P.), but now posts some seriously good memes. Finally, @Textual_tension gives some insight into the rough world that is texting as a part of dating. Their posts largely concern cisgender/hetero interactions, but even if that’s not your jam, I bet you might find some of it pretty funny.

4. Zillow

Best for: Feeling productive even when you aren’t, a light distraction from homework or studying and getting excited about the future.

Wait, what? Yep. I use Zillow as a distraction. Okay, hear me out. Once college ends (sorry it’ll end eventually), the biggest thing I have to look forward to is my hopeful move to NYC with my current roommate and best friend. So, in my spare time, sometimes I just go on Zillow and look at some apartments in my price range and then I send them to her. I sometimes also check AirBnB just for fun. Don’t knock it ’til you try it. Also, my BFF loves that I do this.

5. Do Nothing For Two Minutes

Best for: Stress relief, ultimate relaxation and good for calming down.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. When you seriously need a break from everything and want a calm head, here’s the solution for you.

6. College Candy

Best for: Replacing your qualm with something inspired, learning about new topics and trends and a fruitful distraction.

You had to have seen this one coming. But come on! It’s the best site for distractions that are actually really fruitful. Chances are, at the end of your session, you’ll come out knowing more about a topic or being inspired in some way. While the other sites are great for taking your mind off of things, this site will distract you and get you excited about something else.


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