‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Jenelle Evans’ Scary Gun Incident









On Monday, MTV aired footage of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans in a heated road rage incident. The interaction with another driver led Evans to reach for her handgun–while her 8-year-old son sat beside her.


This episode, titled “Road Rage,” has caused a backlash among fans of the show as well as Evans’ own family. Her ex and father of her second son, 4-year-old Kaiser, Nathan Griffith, was highly upset by the incident. Griffith told TMZ he believes this incident will “help me gain custody of Kaiser as it shows a very unstable environment” and “the child might be in danger, there might be a hostile situation like that and she may not make sound judgment to keep the children safe.”

The incident, which occurred in April, began to unfold between Evans and the driver of a white pickup truck when the white pickup truck began tailgating Evans. The truck then sped around her car, which contained Evans and her son, before slamming on the brakes. MTV displayed a black screen with type informing viewers that Evans then decided to follow the track off of the highway. The next screen showed Evans reaching for a handgun and placing it beside her son 8-year-old son, Jace, in the passenger seat.

Then things got really scary. Evans called her husband as she arrived at the driver’s house to inform him of her whereabouts. MTV informed viewers that she “unintentionally backed into the driver’s mailbox” as she told her husband that the driver hit her car and was blocking her in. “Dude, leave me alone!” Evans yelled before the show cut to another black screen reading: “At this point, Jenelle pulled out her firearm.”

Evans then sped away from the driver, who she said was following her. After losing the driver, Evans was pulled over and tearfully recounted the ordeal to the police officer. Neither driver was charged in the incident. According to TMZ, her husband, David Eason, was unsettled by the incident. Eason told Evans that she could have put her and her son in major danger–especially since the other driver was armed as well.

This is not Evans’ first serious incident on camera as she has a long list of arrests and legal issues–including a long-standing custody battle with her mother over her older son Jace. The Teen Mom 2 star has also battled drug addiction and admitted to using drugs while pregnant.


According to E! News, Evans’ 2015 arrested in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for driving without a license was her 11th arrest in less than five years.

In February, her husband, David Eason, with whom she called during Monday’s episode, was fired by MTV after posting offensive and homophobic tweets.

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