Chrissy Teigen & Daughter Luna Accidentally Play With A Potentially Dangerous Wasp

Chrissy Teigen and her family are currently on vacation in Bali. She’s been posting hilarious videos on her Instagram story of the trip and most recently had a run in with a ginormous wasp. She shared a video of this wasp chilling on her forearm. “I swear to god if one of you tells me this is a deadly bug I will vomit,” she wrote on the video. The bug isn’t “deadly” but definitely dangerous.

In the video, she is seen showing the bug to her daughter Luna. “Is he a nice bug?” Teigen asked her. “Yeah,” Luna responds. Then Teigen tells her to give it a kiss and Luna proceed to give the “nice bug” air kisses.

Teigen assumed that she was holding a hornet, but it was much scarier. Her fans responded that she was actually holding a tarantula hawk wasp or a spider wasp. These types of wasps are supposedly very dangerous. Their sting is super painful and paralyzes its prey, which are tarantulas hence the name. They then lay an egg inside their prey, which hatches and eats the tarantulas.

Supposedly the sting from a female tarantula hawk wasp is the most painful sting in the world. But these wasps only sting when provoked. Even though many fans were convinced it was a tarantula hawk wasp some entomologists are saying otherwise. But everyone is agreeing that it was a dangerous move for Teigen to pick up the ginormous bug.

She had to send out various tweets reassuring everyone that she, her daughter and the bug are all right. Holding huge scary bugs isn’t a norm for Teigen, it was just a freak incident.

Teigen insists that all is well. No one was hurt, not even the unknown wasp.

She even shared a video of her and Luna to prove that they’re okay. Luna couldn’t care less, it’s hilarious.

Teigen continued to joke about the situation and Tweet that she and the bug are friends and lovers now.

Even though Teigen’s video was hilarious, it was a ballsy move. Don’t follow suit and be picking up unknown bugs.

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