If You’re A Coffee Snob You Know These Things To Be True

So you love coffee. But you’re a particular type of coffee lover. A snob some would say. You won’t just take any cup of joe put out in front of you. You have extremely high standards. So we have curated a list of some things you might do as a coffee snob.

1. You Know When Something Is Missing

You can tell when the barista forgot the syrup or cut you short on the espresso. Some days you just shrug your shoulders and some days you’ll go back. You can only enjoy your coffee if it is as you ordered it, you know?

2. You Don’t Go Just Anywhere


You have a preferred place to get coffee (likely besides your home) and you don’t like to stray away from that. When friends or coworkers suggest a different place, you’re super hesitant. Not all coffee is the same.

3. No Coffee Trends For You


You may have a fav seasonal coffee (pumpkin anyone?) but you don’t hope on the other trends. You prefer your coffee in the same blissful way every day and what can be wrong with that?

4. Coffee Is Best In Your Favorite Mug


Sometimes your coffee just doesn’t feel right unless it’s in the mug. Your mug creates a serenity that cannot be fulfilled with other mugs. It doesn’t change the taste or anything–just the experience.

5. Your Coworkers Keep Tabs On Your Order


So your order can be complicated so your coworkers just keep it posted on what you like rather than asking every time. You also keep track of their orders too as you’re all coffee snobs. You got each other’s backs.

6. Waking Up To The Smell Of Coffee Makes You Smile


There’s nothing more comforting than the smell of coffee after you wake up. It’s the only thing that will get you out of bed, really. And the best part on your days off you get to enjoy that cozy cup in bed. Score!

7. You Try To Avoid Human Interaction Until You’ve Had Your Coffee


Sometimes you can get a little cranky without your coffee; with strangers and with people you love alike. But all is well once you got that coffee.

8. Sharing Is Not Caring


You cup of coffee is off limits from others. Whether you made it yourself or bought it, too much effort went into the cup to just let someone else have some.

9. Your Order Is Long


Your coffee order is pretty long, but it is just the way you like it. Your friends and the barista may get annoyed with you but that doesn’t bother you (okay, maybe a little bit) because you know that that order is perfect.

10. Yes, You Have Cried Over Spilled Coffee


All coffee is sacred, everyone. It’s hard to take it when you spill your coffee whether you bought or made it. So much work for it just to spill over is not okay.

Coffee snobs: Please don’t change. You’ve given us some of the best recommendations and we are grateful for that.

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